Louis Olivieri

Marketing Specialist

Louis Olivieri is a marketing specialist having practiced the profession in Malta since 1988. He is a Business Management graduate and a Chartered Marketer. In parallel to his private practice, he takes various initiatives to give a contribution to the development of the marketing profession.

Corporate Anniversaries – More Than A Reason To Party

Monday 11th December 2017

Corporate events can be given more meaning and are more effective when they have an objective and form part of a marketing/business plan. Let us take a company/organisational anniversary as an example. Many organisations, whether profit or non-profit making, celebrate an anniversary, especially when it is a significant one, such as a 10th or 25th. Quite often, the route taken is to organise a corporate event to celebrate the occasion. It is of course a good thing to celebrate, but the occasion can do much more to the organisation rather than just provide a reason to party.

Like any other organisational activity, the starting point is the objective. It pays organisations to capitalise on special occasions with elements which contribute to and/or are compatible with the reasons for their existence and growth path. One possible situation is that when an organisation would have been in operation for e.g. 25 years and still enjoying market awareness, it may need to engage with a more contemporary audience and the corporate identity may need to be refreshed or given a boost. With some foresight, a forthcoming occasion can serve as an incentive to work up to it e.g. two to three years before, with the aim of addressing this reality.

Some other objectives which can be tied in with the celebration of a key organisational occasion are to consolidate the relationship and physically meeting with key customers, suppliers and stakeholders with whom the organisation works or who have an influence on its operations. To thank people who have made or are giving a significant contribution in one way or another, to consolidate on what has been achieved and to launch a master plan for the way forward with a path for growth. At the same time the company can gain public confidence and demonstrate its stability. The occasion can also be tied in with a move to new offices, launching a new line of products/services and/or website. Special occasions can serve as an evaluation of the organisation’s past where documents, photos and other material could be used to exhibit key milestones and to depict a vision for the future.

A plan in hand with clear objectives, can serve as a direction to create a concept and possibly a theme.  Some additional useful tips for the successful organisation of corporate events and for them to have the desired impact, are not to underestimate the time it takes to give thought, organise and co-ordinate them, hence the necessity of forward planning. A detailed programme of activity with a breakdown of tasks, checklist and a realistic itemised budget will contribute towards the aim of achieving the objectives with the intended immediate and long term benefits. This can also present a teamwork and motivation opportunity to get employees engaged.

The event can be followed up with a publicity plan which can include articles on the media, a PR spin, social and digital media exposure and other as may be relevant and of interest to customers, stakeholders and the public in general.