BNF Bank CEO Reveals Vision Behind New Brand Identity

23rd November 2017

The recent rebrand is an acknowledgement of the bank’s past, whilst reflecting its ambitious goals for the future, says BNF Bank CEO Michael Collis.

Formerly known as Banif Bank, BNF Bank has been operating in Malta since 2008, quickly establishing itself as one of the island’s leading banks. In October 2016, Al Faisal Holding – one of Qatar’s largest private investment groups – acquired majority shares in the bank, with the remaining 13.36 per cent of shares are held equally by four Maltese shareholders: PG Holdings Ltd, Virtu Investments Ltd, Sak Ltd and Mizzi Capital Projects. The bank’s new brand identity, as BNF Bank, was launched a year later, in October 2017.

“Revealing our new brand identity was a key milestone for this year. After hours of research and discussion, we are proud with what we managed to achieve. It reflects our re-energised vision of increasing market share, taking the bank across new frontiers, with a desire to build a new future,” said Michael Collis, CEO and Managing Director of BNF Bank. “With over 200 dedicated employees taking it forward, the bank offers highly personalised services to both personal and business clients, through its network of 12 retail branches, together with three corporate and business banking centres.”

Despite having already achieved wide recognition with the bank’s prior brand, Mr Collis referred to the recent rebrand as an acknowledgement of the bank’s past, whilst reflecting its ambitious goals for the future. “From the research we conducted, it was evident that the brand value was very high in the local market. Going forward we made sure to strengthen this value while introducing new elements like the secondary colour and the fingerprint motif which represents the individuality and the human personality of the bank.”

The rebrand is also the bank’s way of standing out from competitors and of denoting the will to move ahead, while still retaining the bank’s core values. “One of the bank’s main priorities since its inception has always been to understand its customers’ concerns. Thanks to this rebrand, the team at BNF Bank are now fully focused on transforming the financial needs of their customers into tangible realities by engaging in one all-important tool – listening,” Mr Collis said.

But why is conversation so important in triggering opportunities? What makes a conversation with BNF so different from a conversation one can have with any other bank? “Assuming our position as the ‘people’s bank’ in the Maltese islands means that BNF Bank aims to be the voice that is often unheard in the commercially-driven banking sector,” Mr Collis said. “It’s no longer solely about landing an account or settling a loan. It’s about being capable of efficiently adapting rigid financial corporate services to a customer’s persistent needs. BNF Bank believes that this can only be achieved through individualised attention, and possessing a balanced approach that is both professional and personal in equal measure.”

“In the coming months, BNF Bank will be rolling out new products to gain a greater market share. As a bank, we recognise there is a generational shift in the way that our clients bank and do business, and we want to be at the forefront of this.”

Relating more to the public it wishes to serve is another bullet point on BNF Bank’s to-do list, which it is already addressing through the format of its new home loan package. Like most of its other services, BNF Bank aims to not only offer the best possible rates for home loans, but also to provide clear and simple solutions that are easy for anyone to understand and take on.

Yet aside from these straight-talking conversations with its personal clients, BNF Bank is planning to move into the faster-paced generation of banking by opening new horizons for customers in innovative but extremely relevant areas of customer interest, such as asset management and private banking. The bank has ambitious plans to expand its business into asset management and investment banking services, and is in the process of putting in place the necessary infrastructure for growth. “Our aim is to accelerate our growth with a focus on understanding the needs of every individual client, tapping the potential of private banking, and optimising Malta’s geographic location to attract more business and increase revenue streams,” Mr Collis concluded.

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