Boris Johnson accelerates pace with Brexit talks to be held twice weekly

30th August 2019

Downing Street is reportedly fighting off MPs' efforts to halt the suspension of Parliament or to block no-deal.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has stepped up the pace of Brexit talks after his Government and EU officials agreed to hold meetings twice a week.

Mr Johnson’s announcement is reportedly a means to reassure fellow Conservative Party MPs who are uneasy about plans to suspend Parliament.

“I have said right from my first day in office that we are ready to work in an energetic and determined way to get a deal done. While I have been encouraged with my discussions with EU leaders over recent weeks that there is a willingness to talk about alternatives to the anti-democratic backstop, it is now time for both sides to step up the tempo,” Mr Johnson said.

In addition to the mammoth task of finding an alternative to the Irish backstop, Mr Johnson’s team is also gearing up to resist MPs, lawyers and campaigners’ efforts to stop the suspension of Parliament.

On Friday, a Scottish court will rule on whether the suspension of Parliament is unconstitutional while MPs continue to draw up plans to create a legislative block against a no-deal scenario.

The Guardian reports that the office of the Prime Minister believes it can defeat the legal challenge, taking it up with the Supreme court if necessary. Mr Johnson is believed to be willing to use every Parliamentary tactic at his disposal to prevent rebel MPs from frustrating his plans.

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Boris Johnson accelerates pace with Brexit talks to be held twice weekly