BOV appoints Rick Hunkin as new Chief Executive Officer

11th November 2019 

Bank of Valletta recently welcomed over 40 new employees within its retail network, thus bringing the total workforce close to the 2,000 mark.

Bank of Valletta announced on Monday morning that the Board of Directors has resolved to appoint Mr Rick David Hunkin as BOV’s Chief Executive Officer with effect from 1st January 2020. In his capacity as CEO, Mr Hunkin will also sit on the Bank’s Board of Directors as an Executive Director. His appointment is subject to regulatory approval.

Mr Hunkin, the first BOV CEO to be appointed from outside the Bank’s ranks, will succeed Mr Mario Mallia following his retirement from the Bank on 31st December 2019. Mr Mallia had earlier this year informed the Bank’s Board of Directors that he will not be seeking renewal for a further term.

Mr Hunkin has wide ranging experience in international, retail and the corporate banking sector, having worked with major banks in the UK and overseas over the last 40 years. Mr Hunkin has extensive expertise in retail banking, mortgages and savings, risk management, change programmes and corporate governance infrastructure. Prior to joining the Bank, Mr Hunkin was the Chief Risk Officer of Chetwood Financial. He also occupied senior management positions at GE Money, Northern Rock, Tesco Bank, Williams & Glyn (Royal Bank of Scotland) and Provident Financial.

BOV recently welcomed over 40 new employees within its retail network, thus bringing the total workforce close to the 2,000 mark. The new employees followed an onboarding process which included an intensive training programme, branch experience and on-the-job training.

New employees were welcomed by Ray Debattista, Executive, Human Resources and Geoffrey Ghigo, Head, Branch Network at BOV. A number of other Bank professionals introduced the Bank’s operations and the current challenges faced by the Bank and other financial institutions locally and abroad.

Mr Ghigo stated that as a Bank “we continuously work to improve our operations, policies, and processes to become a more effective and efficient institution, thus providing a better service to our customers. Bank of Valletta is always seeking people with skills and potential to meet ongoing and upcoming challenges in line with its target to be a safer bank while keeping at the forefront of innovation.”

Mr Debattista added that BOV is committed to keep investing in its employees by offering upskilling and specialisation opportunities in their respective professional fields for the benefit of the Bank’s customers, stakeholders and shareholders.

11th November 2019

The Emozioni dal Mondo Merlot e Cabernet Insieme contest is organised by the Vignaioli Bergamaschi S.C.A. and only reviews wines made from the three red-skinned grape varieties Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc.

Helena Grech - 9th November 2019

Shedding light on the de-risking exercise, the bank’s MLRO explained that it involved mainly International Corporate Customers and the bank’s International Personal Banking customers.

8th November 2019

‘Our recently launched winter schedule will continue to make Malta accessible to tourists in the off-peak months, whilst increasing convenience and travel options for locals.’

8th November 2019

The company is striving to differentiate itself from competitors such as Facebook and Amazon.