BOV issues warning to the general public about SMS Phishing

25th June 2019

Customers and the general public are receiving messages with false information in an attempt to capture their internet banking details

Bank of Valletta has issued a warning about deceiving messages (SMSs) which are being sent to clients as well as the general public saying that suspicious activity has been noted on their Internet Banking and redirecting them to a false website, purportedly originating from the bank, to capture their internet banking details.

“The Bank advises its customers that this is a phishing SMS message (smishing) that is not being sent by BOV. Customers are urged not to click on the link or input any details and to delete the message,” the bank said.

The bank adds that it never requests any personal customer information such as 24x7 login credentials, PINs, credit card details, account numbers, passwords or any other information such as email, telephone or other means of communication. 

The Bank warns that the public should always be vigilant against such scams that seek to lure them into surrendering such information to a third party.

For further assistance, contact the bank’s customer service centre on 2131 2020 or


26th June 2019

Chairman Paolo Catalfamo announced the company’s intentions during today’s annual general meeting.

Martina Said - 25th June 2019

One of the new regulations calls for site technical officers to replace site managers who must be warranted architects.

The Maltese bank confirmed last week that Dutch bank ING will no longer be working with BOV.

21st June 2019

Investment in retrofits for the Grimaldi Group's vessels is forecast to save around one million tons of CO2.