BoV Rebrands Debit Card To CashlinkMALTA

4th December 2018

The new branding is being accompanied by the launch of a fresh card design depicting a view of the Cittadella in Gozo.

Bank of Valletta is rebranding its Cashlink (own-brand) debit card as ‘CashlinkMALTA’. Having an exceptionally safe track-record, ‘CashlinkMALTA’ is widely accepted throughout Malta and Gozo, both online and at retail outlets, making it a trusted and ideal card to those who simply need convenient access to their bank account for local use.

The new branding is being accompanied by the launch of a fresh card design depicting a view of the Cittadella in Gozo set against an artistic rendition of the iconic eight-pointed Maltese cross.

To encourage the use of CashlinkMALTA at local retail outlets, Bank of Valletta will be offering reduced rates to merchants who accept the Card. The Bank is also opening access to the Card by offering other ePOS network operators the possibility to accept the Card on their ePOS machines, further extending local accessibility.

The CashlinkMALTA card is an ideal companion card to cardholders who have one of the Bank’s classic or premium Visa/Mastercard credit cards or the ‘Cashlink Visa’ debit card , which are all accessible worldwide.

Talking during the launch, Ivo Camilleri, Executive for Electronic Banking, commented, “This initiative is one of a series of actions the Bank will be taking in order to promote digital payments, and is part of the Bank’s strategy to shift customers from the use of traditional cash and cheques towards easier, simpler, more modern and efficient methods.”

Cards bearing the new design will start being issued from the beginning of 2019, with the entire initiative being implemented throughout the year.

5th December 2018

Timberland Invest Ltd was registered in Malta in 2013 and since 2014, has been authorised by the MFSA under the Investment Services Act of 1994 with a Category 1A licence.

4th December 2018

Eligible customers only need to fill out a simple form via internet banking that should take less than 10 minutes to complete.

29th November 2018

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27th November 2018

High-profile speakers for the event include Jeffrey Haas, Chief International Officer at DraftKings, and Hampus Hagglof, CEO for FSport AB.