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BOV Renews Gold Partnership with The Malta Chamber 

23rd February 2022

'This long-term collaboration between Bank of Valletta and The Malta Chamber gives the Bank insight on the operations, ambitions and requirements of The Malta Chamber’s members.'

Bank of Valletta has renewed its Gold Partnership agreement with The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry. The agreement, aimed at providing additional benefits to the Maltese Business Community was signed by Albert Frendo, Chief Business Banking Officer and Kenneth Farrugia, Chief Retail Banking Officer on behalf of Bank of Valletta and Ms Marisa Xuereb, President and Mr Christopher Vassallo Cesareo, Deputy President of The Malta Chamber.

‘This long-term collaboration between Bank of Valletta and The Malta Chamber gives the Bank insight on the operations, ambitions and requirements of the Chamber’s members, which in turn helps us to design new products and tweak current ones for the benefit of both parties,’ said Mr Frendo. ‘The Malta Chamber sits at the heart of a unique network of businesses and we strongly believe that this collective relationship leads us to achieve goals beyond those that can be achieved individually.’

‘This agreement will also focus on the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations of the Bank and the Chamber’s members,’ said Mr Farrugia. ‘ESG is continuously evolving and for many companies, BOV included, these issues are increasing in importance. This partnership is a critical platform for communication between businesses, and also their investors to better understand important climate issues and act on these issues while increasing the amount of information disclosed on these efforts.’

The Malta Chamber President Ms Marisa Xuereb said that, "the challenges that lie ahead for businesses require further strengthening of the relationship between businesses and their bankers. Regulatory changes necessitate collaboration and cooperation, and the changing fintech and lending landscapes require banks to develop deeper insight into the commercial and investment activities of the various business sectors represented at The Malta Chamber, to be able to provide better financial support to viable business ventures, irrespective of their size, operating both locally and internationally."

The Malta Chamber and Bank of Valletta are currently planning numerous activities, seminars, webinars and information sessions for the Chamber’s members to share knowledge and explore opportunities for Malta’s business sector.

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BOV Renews Gold Partnership with The Malta Chamber