5th December 2017

The approval was part of the adoption of the Council Decision and Recommendation of the Stability and Growth Pact by the Council.

10th October 2017

Budget 2018 is being touted as ‘a Budget that gave, rather than took’, but what are the measures that will benefit your business most?


9th October 2017

Following the announcement of the Government's Budget for 2018, the Chamber published its initial reactions to the measures within it.

8th October 2017

The 2018 Budget will be announced on Monday 9th October, with a livestream on Maltachamber.org.mt – here’s what to expect on the day.

30th September 2017

The President of the Malta Chamber expressed his thoughts about Malta’s economic sustainability and how to fix Malta’s HR problems ahead of Budget 2018.

7th October 2017

Shadow Minister for Finance and Deputy Leader for Party Affairs within the Nationalist Party Mario De Marco questions what Government is doing to ensure that our economy continues to evolve, and which new business sectors are being targeted to deliver economic growth in ten or fifteen years’ time.

29th September 2017

Ahead of the Budget, Sandro Chetcuti emphasised the importance of levelling the playing field for Maltese investors.


Sarah Micallef - 28th September 2017

"A boom would be at the top of the cycle, waiting for it to fall – I don’t see it like that as yet.”

20th September 2017

Government wants to “make an exception” for digital companies and tax them on revenues earned in the countries where they are providing services rather than on profits, Finance Minister Edward Scicluna said this morning, addressing a pre-Budget breakfast.

18th September 2017

Infrastructural improvements and new capital projects are among the priorities listed in the Government’s pre-budget document, issued by the Ministry of Finance.

15th September 2017

In a statement issued on Friday, the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, GRTU, Malta Employers Association and the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association said that the electoral promise to compensate workers for public holidays that fall on a weekend continued to be of grave concern to Malta's employer bodies.

14th September 2017

Improving the quality of life in Malta, particularly through infrastructure, education and health care, will be prioritised in the upcoming budget, Finance Minister Edward Scicluna said.

13th September 2017

The Bicycle Advocacy Group (BAG), a Maltese NGO dedicated to bicycle commuting, has called presented its proposals for Budget 2018, including incentivising commercial entities to make deliveries using bicycles.

12th September 2017

Pensioners who missed out on the 62+ Government Savings Bond which was oversubscribed in a matter of hours will have a second chance to benefit from this scheme, as a further €30 million will be offered, Finance Minister Edward Scicluna announced this evening.

12th September 2017

Finance Minister Edward Scicluna noted that the country’s emphasis had shifted from high utility bills and hospital waiting lists in 2013 to issues like the environment, roads, and public cleansing in the space of four years.

7th September 2017

The 2018 Budget will be announced on Monday 9 October, Finance Minister Edward Scicluna has confirmed.

7th September 2017

Finance Minister Edward Scicluna held a public consultation meeting in Gozo ahead of next month’s budget where he emphasised the need to upgrade the country's infrastructure and to boost the island's private sector.

4th September 2017

In its proposals to the Finance Minister as part of the pre-Budget consultation process, the Malta Chamber highlighted the fact that energy prices for medium sized companies in Malta are 42 per cent higher than the EU average, making the price for energy which is being paid by Maltese businesses the highest across Europe.