19th October 2018

The live videostream from Parliament will be accompanied by text updates and reactions.

16th October 2018

In total, the Malta Chamber made 30 key recommendations which include well over 60 practical measures for inclusion in the Budget document for 2019.

16th October 2018

BAG said its proposals could also contribute to a healthier workforce, which would be beneficial both for employers and the state.

16th October 2018

Forthcoming budget to introduce measures to help people who live in private rented housing.

15th October 2018

The weekly wage is expected to increase by a total of €3.33, resulting in a yearly increase of €173.16.

15th October 2018

The aim of the Justice and the Peace Commission is to study the evangelical aspects of justice and peace in a spirit of service towards the Church, its members and institutions.

9th October 2018

The Chamber also suggested that government should initiate a national debate on a new long-term economic, societal and environmental master plan for the country, post-2020.


18th September 2018

Chamber proposes to Government a series of recommendations, in thew run-up to Budget 2019, following an internal consultation process collecting feedback from committees and individual members.

13th September 2018

Quoting a 2017 KPMG report, Dr Muscat said that wealth was increasing thanks to the property sector.


11th September 2018

Government pledged to continue its drive to address fiscal evasion, Blockchain legislation will be given priority in the coming years, and fintech and regtech will be developed further.


The date of this year’s Budget was announced by Finance Minister Edward Scicluna during a consultancy session.


7th August 2018

Prof. Scicluna was discussing the economic and financial outlook of the economy and the prospects for the upcoming Budget 2019 with the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development (MCESD).