Budget 2019 to be held on 22 October 

10th September 2018

The date of this year’s Budget was announced by Finance Minister Edward Scicluna during a consultancy session.

Finance Minister Edward Scicluna announced the 22nd October as the date of Budget 2019 during a consultancy session held earlier today. 

With the aim of ‘fostering a quality culture’, this year’s Budget will also endeavour to be a balanced budget, the Finance Minister continued.

"A balanced budget would be satisfactory now - we don't need a big surplus, and whatever extra revenue comes, we want to spend and redistribute," he said.

On Twitter, he continued by saying that the 2019 Budget would target a surplus as big as the IIP revenues, "and this amount will not be spent." "The Budget is expected therefore to balance, or to turn out a small surplus."

While Malta’s economic levels continue to rise at a higher rate than other countries, Minister Scicluna maintained that such growth should be viewed within the context of economic indicators beginning to show diminishing figures, going on to add that only when the inflation rate is around two per cent can the economy be considered healthy.