19th October 2020

In the coming days the Malta Chamber shall be assessing the implications of the announced measures o...

19th October 2020

He said that some measures were positive, while others have been recycled.

19th October 2020

This was Robert Abela’s first Budget as Prime Minister and Leader of the Labour Party

19th October 2020

Malta will also stop importing single-use plastics next year

19th October 2020

A series of measures have been announced to incentivise economic growth

19th October 2020

Grant to convert car to run on gas raised to €400, so long as emissions are reduced by at least a qu...

19th October 2020

A reduction on duties on property purchases, announced earlier this year, are being extended to Marc...

19th October 2020

For the second round of vouchers, €60 can be spent at accommodation and restaurants, while €40 at sh...

19th October 2020

Finance Minister Edward Scicluna has begun the Budget 2021 speech in Parliament

19th October 2020

Prof Scicluna said the upcoming Budget will bring “peace of mind to businesses and families”

14th October 2020

The budget needs to incentivise the economy to reskill, rebuild, restructure, and re-engineer itself

8th October 2020

The Government will be unveiling the much-anticipated Budget 2021 on 19th October

5th October 2020

The Opposition will be giving their official reply one week later, on 26th October

18th September 2020

Finance Minister Edward Scicluna was taking questions during a public consultation ahead of Budget 2...

14th September 2020

Quantum and High-performing computing among potential future investments

13th September 2020

Plans to make Malta natural choice for start-ups eyeing Europe

12th September 2020

Government’s economic vision is based on five main principles

10th September 2020

While the Government is aiming to continue supporting existing sectors, it is also seeking to develo...

Prof Edward Scicluna remarked that Malta’s economy will not recover by the end of the year

1st September 2020

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry presented its pre-budget recommendations to t...

Budget 2021