Business Growth Series

Evolving your business strategy for business growth through technology

Technology is frequently quoted as being the disruptor in the business fraternity however in a large proportion of instances, technology is rather the enabler and the means to disrupt whilst customer, people or finance centricity strategies would be the real disruptors.

So digital transformation is fundamental to achieve business growth and it is to this end we propose looking at business growth strategy through digitally tinted business glasses. Defining “digital transformation” and breaking down the confusing and sometimes negative connotations of the over used phrase is a key step to your success in achieving real business growth.

In a fast-paced consumer-driven environment where customers not only expect but demand instantaneous engagement and service, the business community has looked to digital innovation for delivering these capabilities and providing a competitive advantage.

Knowing your customers and cultivating customer centricity will preserve the integrity of their purchasing power and provide your organisation with the much-needed value add service edge.

Additionally, competitive advantage can be achieved through internal capabilities as organisations have a wealth of data that is being harvested daily. Harnessing the power of data analytics and business intelligence will enable organisations to make informed decisions, faster.

Integral to any strategy is the organisations members. Employees are a key critical success factor in achieving strategic objectives and leveraging enterprise resource planning technologies to provide HR, payroll, accounting and budgeting efficiencies will also empower your staff/people. Financial and operational processes can provide quick wins and are oft detrimentally overlooked when organisational streamlining and agility are under evaluation.

Operating in a digital world requires a cyber security hygiene ingredient to ensure a sustainable, safe business growth.
To this end, ecosystems cannot grow through singular nodes and your organisation is the same.

Organisations also have the opportunity to tap into funding through a number of sources, additionally expertise and professional services are available to help guide you whilst growing.

The company that decides to participate must commit to attend all 6 workshops. For more information or bookings please contact 

Business Growth Series