6th January 2021

The online hackathon, which aims to tackle climate change issues, focused on the cultivation of sust...

15th January 2021

Prioritisation in the vaccination programme is further justified in recognition of the resilience of...

4th January 2021

Mr Gatt has been in the insurance industry for over 40 years, setting up an agency that represented ...

4th January 2021

Cautions about implementation challenges

31st December 2020

The ban will apply to products such as plastic bags, cutlery, straws, plates, cotton buds, food cont...

30th December 2020

Charmaine Gauci announced the measure during her weekly press briefing

29th December 2020

The former Finance Minister’s nomination was approved by the Public Accounts Committee earlier this ...

28th December 2020

Pandemic aid forms part of €2.3 trillion federal government budget

24th December 2020

‘We now have a fair & balanced agreement with the UK,’ says European Commission President Ursula...

23rd DECEMBER 2020

The document highlights the main observations made by the Authority over the past year, and clearly ...

23rd December 2020

HSBCnet provides visibility and control of HSBC clients’ accounts through a single platform via its ...

22nd December 2020

For Q3 2020, the Malta Labour Force Survey estimates indicate that, 59.4 per cent of the population ...

18th December 2020

These are complementary to the investor protection, market integrity and financial soundness objecti...

17th December 2020

This compares to a current account surplus of €282.5 million in Q3 2019

17th December 2020

Guidelines to local businesses exporting goods to the UK

17th December 2020

In the uncertain economic and business landscape caused by the pandemic, resilience is considered of...

16th December 2020

This ambitious project constitutes the largest investment in aerodrome infrastructure to be undertak...

14th December 2020

Failure affected Gmail, YouTube, Calendar and more

10th December 2020

The winners were chosen by an international panel of judges from different JCI countries

10th December 2020

Main stumbling blocks to reaching agreement before 31st December expiration date persist

9th December 2020

Transport Malta enforcement, as per previous years, will still be conducting several inspections all...

7th December 2020

Prospective plans for the aviation sector were discussed

7th December 2020

Through this investment, BMIT Technologies’ plans to grow further its business and enhance its produ...

5th December 2020

The global credit rating agency now forecasts Malta’s economy to shrink by -7.7% in 2020, as opposed...

4th December 2020

Parliamentary Secretary for European Funds Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi emphasised the importance of effe...

4th December 2020

The award recognises the resilience shown by banks in the face of the pandemic, on the way clients’ ...

3rd December 2020

Meanwhile, Euro area registers 4.3% increase

3rd December 2020

This year’s training was carried out in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic

1st December 2020

The Bank’s Interim Financial Stability Report details the impact of COVID-19 on the financial sector

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