4th December 2019

Mr Page and Mr Brin have announced they are stepping down from their respective roles of chief executive and president.

3rd November 2019

This represents an increase of 6.1% when compared with the same month last year.

3rd December 2019

This has been done as part of the company’s commitment to ‘data portability’.

2nd December 2019

The way in which the two companies use gathered data from its customers, in the course of building their respective advertising businesses, has become a major focus for regulators in Europe and America.

Helena Grech - 1st December 2019

‘Malta has managed to regulate the unregulated and we started by listening to the industry.’

Helena Grech - 30th November 2019

Banking and the finding space for companies to set up labs in Malta have been identified as the largest challenges to the industry to date.

29th November 2019

NASA reportedly envisions opening up the International Space Station to a series of companies that would supply their own astronauts, essentially paying a rental fee to use NASA space facilities for their own work.

29th November 2019

Tesla has reportedly received over 200,000 orders for the armoured vehicle.

28th November 2019

Mr Michalopoulos has been officially confirmed after a brief transitional period.

27th November 2019

In a roll call vote that took place at noon on Wednesday, MEPs approved the new College of Commissioners with 461 votes in favour, 157 against and 89 abstentions.

27th November 2019

The Black Friday tradition is thought to have originated in Philadelphia, USA, due to the increased traffic the day after Thanksgiving, when people were off work and took the opportunity to shop.

26th November 2019

‘They should really know that feminism can’t be owned or controlled by the men of Wall Street.’

22nd November 2019

The MoU is intended to pave the way for the exchange of students and collaboration in research activities in the field of medical cannabis.

22nd November 2019

She called on member state Governments to invest more in ‘new European policy mix.’

21st November 2019

The organisation warned that while growth forecasts remain steady at 3%, risks to the global outlook have increased.

21st November 2019

The aim is to lock gamblers out of machines for 30 seconds if erratic or excessive play is detected.

20th November 2019

E&S Group’s legal associate Jacob Portelli discusses the EU’s approach to money-laundering directives, calling for the need for regulation rather than ‘patch-work’ directives.

20th November 2019

The governors appointed by the private sector are Dr Wayne Pisani as President of the Institute of Financial Services Practitioners (IFSP), Dr Matthew Bianchi representing the Insurance Industry (MIMA, AIB, MIA), Mr Karol Gabarretta representing the Banking sector as Secretary General of the Malta Bankers Association (MBA), and Mr Kenneth Farrugia representing the Malta Asset Servicing Association (MASA).

Emma Mattei - 20th November 2019

Malta Business Bureau President Simon De Cesare says the survey will enable lobby efforts to accurately pinpoint where problems lie to key EU decision-makers.

19th November 2019

Heliogen is the first company to concentrate sunlight allowing it to reach temperatures that are high enough to power heavy industry without carbon emissions.

18th November 2019

Emanuele Cancer Research Foundation Malta to award annual grants.

18th November 2019

When comparing year-on-year, production costs also rose by 16.6%.

18th November 2019

Gates has not held the position in over two years.

15th November 2019

The policy change will translate into cutting €2bn of yearly investments.

14th November 2019

Unlike ICOs, STOs take this a step further and distribute tokens that fall under the status of securities.

13th November 2019

The number of reported traffic accidents jumped by 14.5% when comparing the same period last year.

13th November 2019

The website promises to donate 50% of its commission on social projects selected by local residents.

13th November 2019

The catamaran service between Malta and Sicily remains suspended, but Virtu Ferries said extra trips would be operated on Thursday.

Business News

The Gozo Channel said its team was successful in maintaining services throughout the night and on Tuesday morning, despite gale-force winds.

12th November 2019

A 34.9% increase in the use of holiday furnished homes, such as rental flats and villas, was registered when comparing outbound tourism figures for January – September 2019 with 2018.