2nd March 2021

'This is a welcome development'

1st March 2021

Construction was the only industry to record an increase in economic activity

26th February 2021

Malta's Central Government debt increased by nearly €1.5 billion in the year prior to January

24th February 2021

As at end-December, there were 2,373 loans subject to a moratorium on repayments

19th February 2021

The B2B event also generated new ideas and opportunities for post-pandemic activity linking Europe a...

17th February 2021

The European Commission’s winter forecast gave Malta a 4.5% expected growth rate for 2021

16th February 2021

In case of over-allotment, another €120 million will be made available

15th February 2021

Education Minister Justyne Caruana addresses a virtual meeting of the working group for the promotio...

11th February 2021

‘By end 2022, tourism sector expected to recover close to pre-pandemic levels’

8th February 2021

Economist Stephani Fabri discusses how Malta could appeal to British financial service operators pos...

9th February 2021

The Malta Maritime Forum salutes the investment made by Malta Freeport Terminals in line with the fu...

1st February 2021

EU data shows an increase in bankruptcy and business registration

Robert Fenech | 30th January 2021

Miles Express on their new product, the challenges of logistics, and the lessons learned from 30 yea...

28th January 2021

The TAPROOM partnership expects to develop a tailored training programme that is suitable to anyone ...

27th January 2021

Through KVF’s psycho-educational activities, children can grow physically, emotionally, socially, in...

25th January 2021

The Brexit Impact Check is the result of collaborative exercise among various government entities in...

21st January 2021

A world leading brand in advanced residual antimicrobial tech, Zoono requires one application every ...

20th January 2021

Malta’s popular multi-modal vehicle sharing service provider provided a fleet of electric cars to as...

14th January 2021

In November, there were 14,936 inbound visitors, compared to 191,110 tourists in November 2019

6th January 2021

The online hackathon, which aims to tackle climate change issues, focused on the cultivation of sust...

15th January 2021

Prioritisation in the vaccination programme is further justified in recognition of the resilience of...

4th January 2021

Mr Gatt has been in the insurance industry for over 40 years, setting up an agency that represented ...

4th January 2021

Cautions about implementation challenges

31st December 2020

The ban will apply to products such as plastic bags, cutlery, straws, plates, cotton buds, food cont...

30th December 2020

Charmaine Gauci announced the measure during her weekly press briefing

29th December 2020

The former Finance Minister’s nomination was approved by the Public Accounts Committee earlier this ...

28th December 2020

Pandemic aid forms part of €2.3 trillion federal government budget

24th December 2020

‘We now have a fair & balanced agreement with the UK,’ says European Commission President Ursula...

23rd DECEMBER 2020

The document highlights the main observations made by the Authority over the past year, and clearly ...

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