Rebecca Anastasi - 23rd June 2018

With the sector now worth over 12 per cent of the local GDP, has iGaming really created a knock-on effect on other businesses?

22nd June 2018

"The fiscal capacity, which requires a budget and related tax issues, is a controversial area and thus should be postponed,” Finance Minister Edward Scicluna said.

21st June 2018

Medavia Technics is the newly branded technical arm of Mediterranean Aviation Co. Ltd, popularly known as Medavia, which has been established in Malta since 1978.

21st June 2018

iGaming Capital spotlights not just the work, but also the play, diving into the fast-paced and cosmopolitan world that the industry has created.

20th June 2018

Minister Carmelo Abela described this budding Chamber of Commerce as a new vehicle for cooperation, demonstrating a clear will and commitment to take trade relations between Malta and Israel to another level.

19th June 2018

The Accelerator Programme, based at the Malta Stock Exchange, will establish an ecosystem to nurture and support new companies.

19th June 2018

The launch of the local version of YouTube is good news for creators, as it is a first step towards introducing the opportunity to become a partner.

19th June 2018

Malta now stands just four percentage points below – 96 per cent to the EU’s 100 per cent – according to Eurostat.

18th June 2018

The unit has been set up in order to coordinate the various competent authorities which are currently involved in the prevention of money laundering and of terrorism financing.

14th June 2018

The EPPO's exclusive task is to investigate and prosecute crimes affecting the EU budget and, where relevant, bring them to judgement in the member states’ courts.

14th June 2018

The purpose of this seminar was to assist corporate customers at better understanding the requirements around certain financial exposures related to the use of borrowed funds to finance assets, known as leverage.

13th June 2018

SPAR International managing director Tobias Wasmuht said that Malta’s international and tourist population made Malta an ideal market to develop for the brand.

11th June 2018

Dr Gordon Cordina stated that at this stage, Malta needed to work hard so that economic growth was constant and sustainable.

Jo Caruana - 10th June 2018

Dr Joseph F. Borg, an advocate and partner at WH Partners, talks through the history of Blockchain and highlights its potential path for the future.

Marie-Claire Grima - 9th June 2018

“Although most of the businesses in Malta are family-owned, the majority of them fail to set a suitable plan to transfer the business when the time comes," says Dr Nadine Lia.

8th June 2018

YOVO will be based on the Stellar Blockchain, the fastest protocol for building financial products that connect people everywhere.

8th June 2018

Strategic planning is vital for any company, and it is so important to have the right support, says DFK Malta Tax and Advisory Director David Farrugia.

8th June 2018

The official opening was attended by guests from the business community, including representatives from the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry.

Rebecca Anastasi - 7th June 2018

“It is so frustrating that in 2018 we are still talking about these issues and yet we are seeing no actual results," says employment lawyer Dr Roselyn Borg Knight.


Martina Said - 6th June 2018

“I am pro-EU, but it is disappointing when EU regulations and bureaucracy do not act in the interest of its maritime stakeholders," says John Gauci-Maistre, organiser of the Malta Maritime Summit.

Jo Caruana - 4th June 2018

From rental assistance to advisory services, the iGaming industry requires all sorts of ancillary set-ups - here are some of the companies providing them.

Marie-Claire Grima - 3rd June 2018

Most real estate projects are now being sold long before construction has reached completion, industry sources confirm.


Martina Said - 2nd June 2018

Liliana Fleri Soler discusses the effect that her scientific background has on her art, her most recent exhibition of sculptures, and the joy of sharing art with others.


Sarah Micallef - 1st June 2018

Broadwing Ltd General Manager John Paris and directors Ben Pace Lehner and Alan Cini discuss the business of offering recruitment and HR services to different sectors.

31st May 2018

The meteoric rise of the iGaming sector in Malta over the past few years has resulted in buoyant economic figures, but will the island continue to enjoy this winning streak?

30th May 2018

In an announcement posted on its site, BitBay put the blame at the door of the Polish banking system, stating that no Polish bank is willing to continue cooperating with the exchange.

29th May 2018

This award is given to companies that enable work-life balance for workers with caring responsibilities, making gender equality one of their values.

29th May 2018

“Malta looks forward to strengthening and enhancing bilateral relations with Macedonia,” President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca said.


28th May 2018

Transport Malta said it would be seeking to review and update the Malta National Electromobility Action Plan (MNEAP) 2013-2020 and see to its extension to 2030.

28th May 2018

More subtle measures include labelling requirements that will better inform consumers, stricter design criteria and the promotion of extended producer responsibility schemes.