Marie-Claire Grima - 23rd March 2019

Four business leaders within the industry discuss the manufacturing renaissance in Malta and why it’s an exciting time for millennial workers to climb on board.

22nd March 2019

“Everyone within the company has to remain focused to steer the airline on a path of sustainable growth and profitability," said Chairman Charles Mangion.

20th March 2019

Parliamentary Secretary Aaron Farrugia said that Government’s pro-business approach is supporting entrepreneurship through a holistic plan which is being implemented with the help of European funds.

18th March 2019

Standard and Poor's report stated that Malta's headline GDP growth performance was expected to, likely, exceed that of peers at similar income levels and stages of development.

15th March 2019

Expats have been responsible for a significant proportion of Malta’s population growth, as the country becomes increasingly reliant on foreign workers to sustain its economy.

12th March 2019

Many family businesses fail simply because the owners failed to have a long-term plan, not managing to transfer to the next generation.

Marie-Claire Grima - 12th March 2019

Inspector Timothy Zammit says that when it comes to cybercrime, prevention is always more effective than cure.

12th March 2019

Maltese artists and content creators will be paid for the videos they produce and circulate successfully online on YouTube.

12th March 2019

The online gaming giant posted higher profits, but revenue fell after its UK business was hit by tighter regulation and higher taxes.

12th March 2019

The share of innovative enterprises increased or stayed the same in 20 EU Member States and decreased in eight, including Malta.

8th March 2019

At a business seminar held by the Malta Business Bureau and Bank of Valletta, businesses gained insight on the latest developments in the Brexit debate and how it will affect their day-to-day operations.

Vanessa Conneely - 6th March 2019

Female business owners met ahead of International Woman’s Day to share tips and advice.

7th March 2019

While Malta still lags behind all other EU countries, great strides have been made in just a matter of just five years.

7th March 2019

Half of the EU’s member states granted citizenship to more people in 2017 than they did in 2016.

6th March 2019

On the other hand, the number of persons who said that their household could not afford to own a washing machine, colour TV or telephone (including mobile phone) was negligible.

5th March 2019

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that the nomination had the unanimous approval of cabinet and the Labour Party's parliamentary group.

5th March 2019

Malta came in 209nd place out of 230 countries ranked for mobile data cheapness.

5th March 2019

The aim of this MoU is to facilitate on-going close communications between the two authorities, and to support effective sharing of information on matters of mutual interest and policy areas.

Vanessa Conneely - 4th March 2019

The company is one of the world’s largest betting businesses.

Vanessa Conneely - 4th March 2019

Meet Good Game Ltd, the iGaming company that’s making the most of its time.

4th March 2019

The hacking group may also have unsuccessfully targeted another Malta-based bank.

4th March 2019

The rate of plastic packaging recycling has nearly doubled compared to 2005.

Marie-Claire Grima - 2nd March 2019

The number of UK-based financial services firms choosing to co-locate is expected to increase in the months ahead, as more businesses come to terms with the reality of Brexit.

Vanessa Conneely - 1st March 2019

Doors are expected to open any time between April and June.

1st March 2019

The workshop will provide a better picture of where the strategy is heading and which specific pillars the taskforce intends to focus on.

28th February 2019

The IMF said that many of Malta's fastest-growing sectors called for effective measures to contain financial integrity risks.

Rebecca Anastasi - 28th February 2019

The number of foreign-owned companies is now nearly on a par with Maltese-owned enterprises.

Vanessa Conneely - 27th February 2019

Environmental campaigners highlight benefits to productivity.

Marie-Claire Grima - 26th February 2019

Each insurance claim would be assessed on its own merit since no two claims were identical, according to Adrian Galea, Director General of the Malta Insurance Association.

25th February 2019

The bad weather on Saturday and Sunday caused extensive damage to Malta’s infrastructure, agriculture, as well as a number of seafront businesses.