19th April 2021

We Connect provides ongoing support and guidance, and free online activities, all on a voluntary bas...

16th April 2021

Mr Laferla commented that Galea’s paintings have become a part of the spirit of the Laferla offices,...

15th April 2021

Laferla is Mapfre Middlesea’s largest source of business and the two firms have solidified a strong ...

14th April 2021

BNF Bank p.l.c. (the “Bank”), refers to the news published yesterday on the commencement of criminal...

7th April 2021

The Malta Maritime Forum organised its first online Annual General Assembly at the end of March wher...

28th March 2021

The Malta Maritime Forum supports a call made by retiring Judge for commercial section of the Law Co...

26th March 2021

The MBB stressed that whatever measures are adopted to help facilitate working from home or remote w...

26th March 2021

Services built on Databricks’ Unified Data Analytics Platform to provide access to enterprise grade ...

24th March 2021

Taxes deferred until 2022, Guarantee Scheme extended and amended to allow repayment of commercial lo...

23rd March 2021

IVALIFE and Atlas Healthcare have been providing extensive training to the Atlas Healthcare team on ...

22nd March 2021

Digital financial education is believed to be the key to ensuring that individuals truly understand ...

17th March 2021

Majority of businesses that apply for funds manage to obtain them, but administrative procedures sho...

16th March 2021

Parents in the private sector unable to work from home will receive €800 gross monthly

15th March 2021

Owners now have until 31st March to apply

15th March 2021

"The key to ensuring digital autonomy is the sustaining of a robust and competitive European di...

15th March 2021

Applications for registration of technology can be accepted prior to the launch of the scheme.

12th March 2021

We will continue to ensure the highest possible safety standards to protect both our customers and o...

11th March 2021

Legislators must avoid unnecessary burden on companies

11th March 2021

Appleby explained the themes that will help the world become cleaner, healthier and safer.

11th March 2021

The app offers BNF users’ peace of mind for their everyday banking activity which allows them to ban...

10th March 2021

60% of recent COVID infections found to be related to new variant

9th March 2021

Worst impacted to be helped until end 2021

9th March 2021

"Our research shows that many of the companies that attempt to apply for funds succeed"

8th March 2021

The impact of COVID-19 on the hospitality sector hit the Group particularly hard

8th March 2021

Ms Doublesin is a business re-engineering Consultant and warranted Counsellor

4th March 2021

A limit on the number of households that can mix indoors has also been introduced

2nd March 2021

'This is a welcome development'

1st March 2021

Construction was the only industry to record an increase in economic activity

26th February 2021

Malta's Central Government debt increased by nearly €1.5 billion in the year prior to January

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