Business Projections 2020: ‘growth in shared mobility solutions’

10th February 2020

In a feature published by the Malta Chamber’s annual publication, Economic Vision 2020, a number of business leaders share their thoughts for the upcoming year. This is the final part of that series.

“In 2020, I expect GoTo to continue leading in the shared mobility sector. Of course, the question is, how?” says Johnny Tominaga, who leads marketing, sales and tech operations at the fast-growing mobility start-up.

Mr Tominaga’s wealth of experience leads him to believe that Malta will continue seeing growth in the adoption of shared mobility solutions, such as car and scooter sharing. “Growth of shared mobility is one of the biggest trends locally and worldwide,” he explains.

“In Asia alone, car-sharing membership increased by 400 per cent between 2014 and 2016. And in North America, the fleet size of peer-to-peer car sharing grew by 80 per cent in 2018 alone. Furthermore, you can now find scooter-sharing services in almost four times the number of cities as there were back in 2015.”

johnny tominaga

At the same time, electric vehicles keep gaining traction and demand for them is set to increase. “This is a huge opportunity for GoTo,” he continues. “We bring innovative solutions to a single, integrated shared mobility platform that addresses multiple customer needs from the first to the last mile of their trips. Making our solutions smart and sustainable will continue to be at the heart of everything we do.”

That said, the coming year will not be without its challenges, of which Mr Tominaga pinpoints three. “Firstly, we need to accelerate the pace of installation of charging stations for our fleet of cars. Secondly, we face the challenge of reducing instability in network connectivity. And, thirdly, we’ll be improving the distribution of our vehicles to address locations of higher demand.

“A lot of effort is going into improving infrastructure and the development of technology so that we can overcome these challenges. One example is the launch of an AIpowered platform that we recently deployed to highlight areas of potential future demand for our service. Using this technology, our vehicle handlers can take our cars to the locations where people need them the most. This reduces unnecessary waste of battery life and drastically improves availability.”

When it comes to vehicular transport, a growing number of companies seem to be becoming more conscious about adopting solutions that are sustainable and less harmful to the environment. “The fact that we offer shared mobility services with electric vehicles has made us one of the preferred choices among people who are looking for alternative transport options.

“Data has shown that services like GoTo help reduce congestion, pressure for parking and CO2 emissions, which are all major problems in Malta,” concludes Mr Tominaga. “By the end of 2020, I hope that shared mobility solutions like ours will continue to rise in popularity. By sharing more, we enable exciting possibilities because, as a society, we can achieve more and progress further if we work together.”

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Business Projections 2020: ‘growth in shared mobility solutions’