Valletta Bunkers Limited


Valletta Bunkers Limited (VBL) was established in 2015 as a physical bunker supplier. 

The company is a leading bunker provider operating two bunker barges and a fleet of trucks.

VBL is located in Malta and supplies bunker grade fuels such as HSFO RMG 380, RMG 180, Marine Gasoil and ULS Diesel. 

Bunkers are supplied both within and outside Maltese territorial waters via barges located within Malta's designated bunker areas or within harbour limits. Marine Gasoil supplies can also be delivered by truck directly to moored yachts and to locally-berthed shipping and boating vessels. 

A Group Company, Island Petroleum Services delivers fuels to the inland market and is a supplier of Gasoil 0.1, Heating Gasoil and ULS Diesel.