Di Rocco Trading Ltd


Di Rocco Trading Ltd is committed to propose quality products for a professional service.

Professional Tools: A wide range of professional knives by cutlery manufacturer Friedr. Dick, for both butchers and chefs, together with ancillary tools and sharpening alternatives.

Catering Supplies: Consumables for all the catering needs, including strain cloths, pastry bags, paper doyleys, poultry frills, baking cases, aluminium foil rolls and cling film rolls.

Food Packaging: Fruit and vegetable nets and fruit punnets, different kinds of bags (vacuum bags, cellophane bags, paper bags, shopper bags, freezer bags, meat bags) and packaging films (cling film, shrink film, cellophane films, aluminium foil films and baking paper).

Food Service Disposables: A variety of containers (aluminium foil, microwavable, biodegradable), sandwich and baguette packaging, pizza boxes, salad containers, cake boxes, sauce containers, catering trays and platters, eps containers, sushi containers, mono-portion containers, dessert cups and ice cream cups.

Disposable Tableware: Cups, cutlery, plates and bowls, stirrers, cutlery packs, party cutlery, straws and cocktail decorations and stirrers, various bamboo skewers, paper napkins, paper table mats and covers.

Meat Packaging: Meat net, meat tubes, meat twines, hooks and burger separators.

Storage and Handling: Crates (stackable only, stack and nest, perforated, closed), partitions for glasses, trolleys, basins and buckets, bins, export or heavy-duty pallets, pallet boxes, plastic shopping baskets, dishwasher racks, food storage containers, display trays, strip curtains, cans and bottles, gastronomy containers (plastic/ stainless steel).

Packaging Materials: Bubble wrap, hamper shred and packaging tape.

Sanitary and Hygiene: Toilet paper, paper towels, washable cloths, cleaning agents, garbage bags.

Equipment and Accessories : Chopping boards, queueing system

Workwear: Professional uniforms (caps, kitchen wear, coats and overalls), protective gloves, white boots.

Disposable Workwear: Chef hats, forage hats, hair nets, coats ,coveralls, oversleeves, overshoes, gloves (nitrile – latex – vinyl), face masks.

Medical and Care Supplies: First-aid kits, bandage tape.