Joseph Cachia & Son Ltd


Joseph Cachia & Son Ltd, which has been established for over 100 years, is a member of the M. Demajo Group.

JCS trades with commercial and industrial entities for special products such as money-handling machines, road lighting, light fixtures, power and communication cables, noise/dust pollution and air/gas monitoring equipment, queuing systems and road crash barriers, among others. The company also provides sustainable energy solutions for both the trade and consumer markets.

It has strong business relationships with leading suppliers, with whom it has teamed up to win large-scale tenders for complex infrastructural projects in the fields of energy, the environment and security. Joseph Cachia & Son Ltd has been involved in the supply of various security-related products such as, for examples, the Malta driving license cards, Maltese passport and the National Identity Management System (NIDMS); Malta's first biological sewage treatment plant; the first two boilers at the Delimara power station; sophisticated air-monitoring stations and nationwide installation of low-flow water meters. These are typical projects which were successfully undertaken. The latest, high-value infrastructural project, is the Malta-to-Sicily sub-sea energy interconnector.