Adore More


With over 12 years of experience, Adore More is the only local supplier offering five key specialisations: windows, doors, blinds, gates and railings, and outdoor shading systems. Adore More provides a tailor-made approach with flexible solutions that are cost-effective in all five categories.

APERTURE - Adore More offers a varied selection of external apertures made from PVC-U, thermal aluminium systems, and thermal solid wood systems. With partners including Koemmerling, Schuco, Elvial and KBE, we offer a superior level of insulation and security.

DOORS - We offer a variety of doors, whether internal and external. All our models can also be supplied as main doors with a variety of security options including security hinges, security locks, and built-in steel-plates and alarm systems. Moreover, our range of commercial door systems is second to none - from standard office doors, to doors which are fire-resistant, secure, completely sound-proof and even radiation resistant.

BLINDS - Our blinds combine architectural and functional requirements perfectly, offering protection from today’s strong solar rays whilst being aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

OUTDOOR SHADING SOLUTION - We supply customised shading systems that cater for the most demanding of requirements and we strive to offer natural, environmentally-friendly solutions. From the systems and mechanisms, to the fabrics and colours, we offer integrated, efficient and reliable solutions that respect humans and care for the environment, contributing to energy and cost savings.

GATES & RAILINGS - Our gates and railings come in a range of colours and styles to suit any aesthetic and give you peace of mind and privacy without compromising on appearance. We can accommodate all types of gate structures such as swing gates, pedestrian gates and sliding gates.  Our fencing products have been chosen to complement our gate products and provide you with a harmonious result.