Oiltanking Malta Ltd



Oiltanking Malta Ltd, was incorporated in 1989 and started its operations in 1992.  The company is owned 55% by Oiltanking GmbH of Hamburg and 45% by 3i Investment. Oiltanking GmbH is one of the world's largest providers of independent tank storage for crude oil, petroleum products, and related liquids as well as liquid chemicals, gases and dry Bulk. Oiltanking operates a network of 80 independent terminals in 23 countries across the five continent, offering its storage capacity exceeding 21 million cubic meters.

Oiltanking Malta offers  excellent services and competitive advantages to its customers.  It is centrally located in the Mediterranean and close to the main international shipping lanes between Europe, Africa and the Middle East, the Pacific Rim and the U.S. The terminal is ideally positioned to make bulk for long-haul destinations and break bulk for Mediterranean  ports. Over the years, Oiltanking Malta has been growing and became a petroleum hub in the Mediterranean Sea.    Furthermore, the terminal offers blending/treatment services of oil cargoes to its customers.  Oiltanking  Malta has 25 storage tanks with a total capacity of 562,450 cubic meters. Capacities of the tanks range from 5,000 cbm to 38,000 cbm.  The terminal offers four safe berths for vessels up to 120,000 DWT.  Products which can be handled include Gasoline (components), MTBE, Gasoil and Fuel Oil.  Its unique location and operational features make Oiltanking the preferred storage and logistics partner for its customers in the Central Mediterranean. Oiltanking Malta operates under the most international rigorous quality and safety standards with very qualified personnel. Oiltanking Malta is committed to protect the environment in which it operates, with constant monitoring programs being performed to meet or exceed the current European Standards,  Oiltanking Malta is a socially responsible entity and supports several programs with the community specially oriented to educational initiatives.