Pincott Security Ltd


Specialising in custom-made fire and security solutions since 1972

Pincott Security’s mission may be simple but it is one which we pursue with dedicated zeal: to provide advanced security products, combined with highly-specialised services designed to improve the quality and safety of life.
Recognised as a strategic security partner, both in Malta and abroad, Pincott Security’s client profile spans wide and includes major financial institutions, industrial plants, jewellers, insurance agencies, media corporations, manufactures, traders and private residences.

The most experienced security company in the Maltese islands

At Pincott Security, our strong reputation is built on our history of innovation and leadership, award-winning solutions, and long-standing relationships with many technology partners. We have been crucial in creating awareness of crime prevention, through educational campaigns.

Quality, experience and determination. The right tools, the right solution.

We only supply systems that meet the highest security standards. We do away with the kit system now commonly available on the market – which with their cheap equipment and frequency of false alarms undermine the confidence in the security systems the world over. Statistics indicate that our systems are a first-class deterrent and a major obstacle to criminals who have tried to beat our systems many times, without success.

Pincott Security’s comprehensive portfolio of security solutions include:

? Access control
? Anti-shoplifting
? Automation
? Burglar alarms
? Fire alarms
? Hall porters
? Security cabinets
? Security safes
? Security door
? Strong rooms