Chamber calls on employers to observe all health and procedural guidelines and regulations related to COVID-19 very strictly

15th March 2020

“At a time of national pressure on all aspects of life, employers must recognise their central role in protecting the health and welfare of our people” Perit David Xuereb

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry calls on all employers to keep themselves abreast of all COVID-19 regulations and guidelines issued at regular intervals by the Commissioner for Public Health and Health Authorities.

The Malta Chamber is maintaining regular contact with the Health Authorities at the highest level with a view to coordinate, assist and receive guidance in the wake of the unfolding Coronavirus situation. As stated consistently, the Malta Chamber has full confidence in the national health authorities and their advice. Consequently, it appeals to the business community to observe the published guidelines and health and procedural regulations to the full.

“At a time of national pressure on all aspects of life, employers must recognise their central role in protecting the health and welfare of our people. While safeguarding our operations, we must also act responsibly towards our employees and exercise the maximum responsibility” said the Chamber President, Perit David Xuereb. “The Malta Chamber prides itself in acting according to the highest ethical standards, and this should be no exception”, he said.

To this end, the Chamber appeals to all employers to ensure that members of their staff that should be in quarantine are not allowed at the place of work for any reason whatsoever.

Meanwhile, the Chamber is strongly insisting with Government that quarantine leave is to be paid from public funds. Moreover, over the past days, the Chamber has reached agreement with Malta Enterprise for the urgent opening of a call intended to provide financial assistance to companies to invest in new teleworking arrangement. This initiative was announced by the Prime Minister on 14th March whilst acknowledging the Chamber's initiative. Full details of this call and the application form are being circulated to all Chamber members.

16th March 2020

Proposes concrete measure to help businesses weather the COVID-19 crisis

14th March 2020

Lockdown should be decided on by competent authorities

13th March 2020

While public health should be safeguarded and remains the absolute priority, MBB also stressed that EU and national authorities must also do all they can in order to help businesses in this critical time in order to alleviate the financial pressure businesses are being put under.

13th March 2020

This afternoon, Prime Minister Robert Abela announced that, with immediate effect, anyone arriving from any country is obliged to serve a 14-day mandatory quarantine period.