Chamber delegation makes proposals to ease dire employment situation

3rd May 2018

Solutions proposed to expedite issuing of permits for foreign workers

A delegation from the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry met with Parliamentary Secretary for Reforms, Citizenship and Simplification of Administrative Processes the Hon Julia Farrugia Portelli, to discuss issues relating to Visa and Employment permitting procedures for foreigners on 2nd May.

The meeting which was opened by the President of the Malta Chamber Mr Frank V. Farrugia, shed light on the challenges being met by companies, as a result of an acute shortage of human resources to fill their vacancies, as Malta is registering the lowest unemployment rates on record.

This short-term solution has offered a new range of challenges for Maltese businesses, which the Chamber discussed with the Parliamentary Secretary, proposing a number of solutions.

The first proposal made by the Chamber advocates for better coordination between concerned entities which was leading to extended delays in the employment of workers. An extension of the fast tracking system for applications of foreigners was proposed in order to help businesses get their much required work-forces in places in time for their projects.

Secondly, the Malta Chamber delegation proposed that employers should be allowed to apply for permits for foreign workers while the same workers were still be abroad. This solution would cut the waiting time considerably, hence contributing to quicker employment and a further narrowing of the skills-gap.

Thirdly, the Malta Chamber recommended that Government ought to increase the resources of Identity Malta which was understandably inundated by requests. Strengthening this central entity, the delegation argued, would hence result in a more efficient and timely service for Maltese businesses.

All proposals were well received by the Parliamentary Secretary who was flanked by the heads of relevant entities.

The meeting also discussed the facilitation of visas for international long-term and short-term students which also contributed to an important aspect of the Maltese economy.

The Malta Chamber delegation was headed by the President Mr Frank V. Farrugia and included companies from all sectors of the Maltese economy.

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Chamber delegation makes proposals to ease dire employment situation