21st June 2019

Chamber members participated in a meeting and contributed to the national strategy that is aimed at reducing the use of single-use plastics.

24th June 2019

MAKE IT aims at shedding a light on the great opportunities that exist in the manufacturing sector.

24th June 2019

The Malta Chamber has submitted its feedback and recommendations on the new draft Regulations on Excavation and Construction Practices, as part of the consultation process which was concluded on Friday.

27th June 2019

‘Dialogue with the Prime Minister’ offers an exclusive opportunity to Malta Chamber members to meet the Prime Minister and debate tangible and real issues that affect their daily operations.

3rd July 2019

The Chamber expresses its grave concern on industrial action intended to interrupt Air Malta’s services.

4th July 2019

"Countries which were not investing enough in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, would eventually fall behind in terms of competitiveness"

11th July 2019

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry and The Malta Institute of Accountants have signed a memorandum of understanding, intended to provide a structure for collaboration between the two bodies in the future.

11th July 2019

The Malta Chamber provided Mr Brincat with feedback about the limitations and pitfalls of EFSI on behalf of the local business community.

19th July 2019

An event at the Malta Chamber gave a detailed insight with relation to the latest financing opportunities available to local based SMEs through Bank of Valletta.

10th May 2019

Chamber official notes how Malta lags behind other European peers, requiring further investment and new pedagogical techniques on how STEM subjects are taught at a young age.

14th May 2019

The Malta Chamber expressed its disappointment in the manner in which the current electoral campaign was developing insofar, as serious issues were not being given the deserved respect, as they were being rendered political footballs for cheap points.

15th May 2019

The Chamber had raised doubts on the current laws in the past, even suggesting that they were in breach of the fundamental human right to own and enjoy private property.

24th May 2019

The participants which came from 15 countries, shared their views and ambitions with like-minded ambitious businesses, in a speed-B2B event.

24th May 2019

The Malta Chamber applauded the launch of the Considerate Construction Scheme aimed at raising professional standards in the building industry.

31st May 2019

Japan is the third largest economy in the world and a well-established market for high quality products.

6th June 2019

The Malta Chamber noted the 2019 Country Specific Recommendations for Malta, published by the European Commission on 5th June, as it observed how these echoed the Chamber’s opinions in several areas.

10th June 2019

"The situation is now dire, and no more time can be wasted"

13th June 2019

“No business is too small to be at risk of a cyber security attack”

14th June 2019

The Chamber warns that the national carrier Air Malta must remain a priority for Government and all needs to be done to safeguard its position in the market.

9th May 2019

The information session which was organised by the Malta Chamber in collaboration with Jobsplus provided a detailed explanation about the principle changes that were enacted in the new law.

7th May 2019

The Chamber and the Bank are looking forward to continue building on the strong relationship they enjoy, by organising seminars on priority matters that add value to the business community.

30th April 2019

During the meeting, issues relating to the White Paper about Rent Laws, compulsory union membership, the transposition of the Work-Life Balance Directive and Brexit were discussed.

24th April 2019

The Master plan should aim at maximising efficiency and further increase business flow in Malta’s primary port.

18th April 2019

During the courtesy visit, Perit Xuereb shared the Chamber’s ambitions for the coming years with the Head of State.

12th April 2019

Had there not been an appeal to this process, the inconsistencies may have gone unnoticed creating a serious and dangerous precedent for law-abiding companies and taxpayers

17th April 2019

The Executive Boards of the Economic Groups discuss issues that are specific to the nature of the group they represent.

5th April 2019

The Board of Management is tasked with advising Council on policy matters and the administration of the Chamber.

29th March 2019

The electoral process follows the Annual General Meeting which was held on 25th March

1st April 2019

The former President of the Malta Chamber said that Malta’s EU membership, which was strongly promoted by the Chamber of Commerce, had resulted in very positive results for the nation's economy, opening up new frontiers and business opportunities previously unforeseen.

1st April 2019

The CEO of Air Malta said that Malta’s long-term strategic interest and future economic development could not be allowed to "depend exclusively on the short-term profit motives of internationally-owned airlines.”