10th August 2018

During a meeting of the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development (MCESD), Director General Kevin J. Borg outlined the recommendations put forward by the Malta Chamber as part of the consultation period leading up to the Budget for 2019.

2nd August 2018

Malta Chamber celebrates 170 years and family businesses in National conference

2nd August 2018

“Malta’s economy is open for business more than ever with Japan. The Malta Chamber will serve as a reliable and influential interlocutor for fostering of existing and new business relations” said Chamber President Frank V. Farrugia during a trade delegation in Japan.

27th July 2018

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry in collaboration with EMCS organised an information session on the new Blockchain legislation which was recently approved by the Maltese parliament.

25th July 2018

Following recommendations from the Malta Chamber, Identity Malta has introduced Temporary Authorisation to Work.

16th July 2018

Malta Motorways of the Sea and the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry have renewed their partnership agreement, extending a long-standing collaboration between the two organisations.

6th July 2018

The dialogue session ‘Question Time with the Prime Minister’ offered members of the Chamber with a unique opportunity to voice their concerns to the Prime Minister who was accompanied by senior members of the cabinet of Ministers.

5th July 2018

Maltese companies specialising in the fashion industry participated in a successful matchmaking event held during this year’s third edition of the Torino Fashion Week in Torino, Italy, with over 35 meetings held over three days.

5th July 2018

Over 180 business participants from 21 EU and non-EU countries met together in Liverpool during a B2B event organized by Enterprise Europe Network, the largest business network in the world.

26th June 2018

Collaboration between leading companies in Malta's industry and sciences teachers in secondary schools aims to expose students to cutting edge technology and careers in manufacturing.

21st June 2018

“The European Union already enjoys some of the strongest consumer protection laws in the world," said Andre Fenech, Malta Chamber’s Head of Policy.

20th June 2018

The Malta Chamber is offering members a unique opportunity to get definitive answers to questions directly from the Prime Minister, the Hon Dr Joseph Muscat.

20th June 2018

The Malta Chamber portal has received a prestigious award as part of the National Enterprise Support Awards organised by the Commerce Division.

15th June 2018

Following the presentation made to the Cabinet of Ministers in May, the Malta Chamber presented its report on the labour market to an Opposition delegation which was led by Dr Adrian Delia.

15th June 2018

Twenty Maltese business representatives from Malta based companies participated in a successful trade mission organized by the Malta Chamber of Commerce Enterprise and Industry, the Polish Chamber of Commerce, the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development and the Polish Ministry of Economy.

11th June 2018

Both businesses and institutions gained insight into the expected updates to the business-financing landscape in Malta during an event titled ‘Leveraging EU Funds: A Development Bank Perspective’ organised by the Malta Chamber and BOV p.l.c.

7th June 2018

The spring BusinessEurope Council of Presidents for 2018 was held in Sofia in May and was hosted by the Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA)

1st June 2018

MOU brings together Malta Chamber, GRTU, Green Pak Coop, and Green MT, to find workable solutions towards meeting new ambitious targets for the recovery and recycling of beverage containers

31st May 2018

Event provides businesses with insights and tools on e-commerce

23rd May 2018

The Malta Chamber entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with its counter-organisation in Tirana, Albania yesterday, during the Albania-Malta Business Forum.

22nd May 2018

Current labour market situation could threaten productivity and competitiveness.

17th May 2018

Corporate video celebrates Chamber's 170th anniversary as it sheds light on the organisation's operation

10th May 2018

The challenges faced by family businesses and their difficulties to survive across generations were discussed during a business breakfast which was organised by the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry in collaboration with Bank of Valletta on 8th May.

10th May 2018

The Marketing Committee within the Malta Chamber has secured the participation of local online sensation Lovin Malta and game-changing taxi company eCabs in its upcoming event which will be dedicated to e-commerce and digital marketing.

23rd May 2018

As the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force this Friday 25th May, here are some tips to get your business regulation-ready.

4th May 2018

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry organised an information session on how the proposed Beverage Container Refund System (BCRS) will operate on 4th May. The session was addressed by Minister for Sustainable Development, Environment and Climate Change Jose Herrera and other Ministry officials.

3rd May 2018

Solutions proposed to expedite issuing of permits for foreign workers.

4th May 2018

Delegation proposes amendments to the draft bills to the Venice Commission.

26th April 2018

Commerce should be based on the principles of good governance, integrity, respect towards the dignity of the workers and the common good.

25th April 2018

AquaBioTech Group has been chosen amongst ten success stories for a promotional campaign showcasing how Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) can help ambitious companies internationalise, innovate and grow.