13th September 2019

The Chamber focused its attention on six main issues which it deemed to be of crucial importance and which warranted the government’s immediate attention.

17th September 2019

STM Malta was chosen from 2,753 businesses named as ‘Ones to Watch’ in a list of business excellence published in July and selected as a National Winner by a panel of independent judges including business leaders, politicians and academics.

19th September 2019

Participants of the JAYE Malta Leaders for a Day programme shared their experiences of the day, shadowing Malta's foremost business leaders.

10th September 2019

In its statement, the Chamber urged Government, to start the process afresh and take the proposed legislation back to the drawing board.

9th September 2019

In 2018, the core domestic banks saw an increase in assets, customer deposits as well as loans and advances to customers and it is evident these banks continued to be very much participant in the financing of the Maltese economy especially in terms of lending to residents.

5th September 2019

MBB holds information session on upcoming EU funds training programme

29th August 2019

Bookings open for 17th October workshop with best-selling American author.


29th August 2019

The fruitful discussion provided management with valuable insights on the operation of the Chamber from the individuals who run the show on a daily basis.

22nd August 2019

These occasions are significant as they are central to the social aspect of the Chamber, giving entrepreneurs the opportunity for networking in an enjoyable setting.

14th August 2019

By putting its local business knowledge into advice, supplemented with a vast network of international connections, the Malta Chamber provides the value-added support which is needed to reach high impact outcomes.

20th August 2019

Feedback from survey is instrumental in the design of relevant support services to businesses in the Internationalisation process.

8th August 2019

The Chamber of Commerce believes that the ethical standards and quality of our construction industry need to be raised immediately and brought in line with those in other developed countries.

8th August 2019

The new Economic Vision will serve as a follow up to the first edition ‘An Economic vision for Malta 2014-2020’, and shall once again strive to provide government with a business agenda for the country’s economy.

2nd August 2019

YCN brings together a high-powered pool of individuals who can support each other within the context of the Chamber

31st July 2019

The Chamber reiterates its strong position that the country needs a holistic plan for the rental market.

26th July 2019

“Increased energy efficiency in the business sectors is a policy priority for Malta"

26th July 2019

"It is undoubtedly to the benefit of our economy’s future prospects and ambitions for the issues that emerge from this report to be tackled in a decisive and timely manner."

26th July 2019

Importers, warehouse keepers and retailers will be required to affix a new excise duty band for alcoholic beverages with alcoholic content between 10% up to 24% as from the 1st October.

24th July 2019

Malta Chamber President, Perit David Xuereb, expressed the Chamber’s desire for Malta of pursuing a journey towards establishing solid commercial relations with Bangladesh, providing tangible opportunities for respective business communities.

19th July 2019

An event at the Malta Chamber gave a detailed insight with relation to the latest financing opportunities available to local based SMEs through Bank of Valletta.

11th July 2019

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry and The Malta Institute of Accountants have signed a memorandum of understanding, intended to provide a structure for collaboration between the two bodies in the future.

11th July 2019

The Malta Chamber provided Mr Brincat with feedback about the limitations and pitfalls of EFSI on behalf of the local business community.

4th July 2019

"Countries which were not investing enough in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, would eventually fall behind in terms of competitiveness"

3rd July 2019

The Chamber expresses its grave concern on industrial action intended to interrupt Air Malta’s services.

27th June 2019

‘Dialogue with the Prime Minister’ offers an exclusive opportunity to Malta Chamber members to meet the Prime Minister and debate tangible and real issues that affect their daily operations.

24th June 2019

MAKE IT aims at shedding a light on the great opportunities that exist in the manufacturing sector.

24th June 2019

The Malta Chamber has submitted its feedback and recommendations on the new draft Regulations on Excavation and Construction Practices, as part of the consultation process which was concluded on Friday.

21st June 2019

Chamber members participated in a meeting and contributed to the national strategy that is aimed at reducing the use of single-use plastics.

14th June 2019

The Chamber warns that the national carrier Air Malta must remain a priority for Government and all needs to be done to safeguard its position in the market.

13th June 2019

“No business is too small to be at risk of a cyber security attack”