30th November 2021

Resilience and Digital Innovation is key to ensure recovery

26th November 2021

The Malta Chamber reaffirms its commitment to bring to the fore the issues and challenges faced by l...

26th November 2021

Joint Malta Chamber and Central Bank of Malta seminar discusses the permanency of the current inflat...

24th November 2021

Some companies are having to reduce their operations as a result of a shortage of manpower

12th November 2021

The Malta Chamber calls for change in these unfair practices

11th November 2021

The Malta Chamber is all for better regulation and full compliance without excessive bureaucracy and...

10th November 2021

Tourism Operators Business Section calls for industry renewal as it puts forth 125 recommendations.

4th November 2021

The initiative was led by Stefano Mallia, President of the Employers’ Group of the EESC, supported b...

2nd November 2021

“It pays companies to accommodate capable women because talent is hard to come by.”

25th October 2021

5,000 students still have no access to technology - Your Device Your Right aims to bridge digital di...

19th October 2021

The Malta Chamber’s reaction to the Leader of Opposition’s Budget speech

12th October 2021

More safeguards for the legal procurement of recreational cannabis needed

11th October 2021

Incentivises employment and investment in environmental sustainability

8th October 2021

An unprecedented agreement between the Ministry for Equality, Research and Innovation, the Universit...

6th October 2021

The Government’s new Employment policy is aligned to the Malta Chamber’s belief that our workforce n...

5th October 2021

Sustainability is all about doing something today to improve our prospects of tomorrow

28th September 2021

The Malta Chamber calls on all relevant stakeholders and authorities to immediately carve out a stra...

26th September 2021

Change in current approach to Development and Construction cannot be further delayed

23rd September 2021

Supplementary pensions will need to play an ever greater role in maintaining the future adequacy of ...

22nd September 2021

Seed is very aligned to The Chamber’s mission, values and drive to be a transforming force.

20th September 2021

A level playing field between all pharmacies is vital.

18th September 2021

The Malta Chamber and the Gozo Business Chamber propose that Government should look into the possibi...

16th September 2021

The Malta Chamber presents its pre-budget recommendations to the Opposition

15th September 2021

“The Malta Chamber and HSBC Malta have worked together for many years, combining our expertise to su...

14th September 2021

The Malta Chamber presents its pre-budget proposals to the Prime Minister and members of the cabinet...

10th September 2021

There is much more we should do towards effectively addressing ‘the cure’ of longer travelling times...

9th September 2021

Key Recommendations for the Viability of Gozo based on its Uniqueness

31st August 2021

Thanks to the WE MAKE project, the manufacturing sector will strengthen the competitiveness of the i...

28th August 2021

Malta Chamber calls for genuine interest in the well-being of future generations, not short-sightedn...

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