24th January 2020

Chamber Director General Kevin J. Borg expressed ‘great concern’ with the country’s latest classification in the annual corruption perception index.

24th January 2020

Malta Chamber makes more concrete proposals in favour of a culture of Good Governance

24th January 2020

Malta Chamber Director General Kevin J. Borg accompanied the Prime Minister Hon Dr Robert Abela and Minister for the Economy, Investment, and Small Business the Hon Silvio Schembri, on a visit to Republic Street's retail outlets this week.

24th January 2020

Malta Chamber congratulates Mr Mallia on his successful election to one of the most important roles related to the promotion of entrepreneurship in the European Union

23rd January 2020

A Public Procurement MasterCourse guaranteed to give attendees the knowledge needed to gain a competitive edge over their competitors when submitting tenders.

The Malta Chamber discusses its recommendations aimed at accelerating the process of restoring Malta’s reputation as a trusted and credible economic partner on the global scene21st January 2020

20th January 2020

Malta Chamber reacts to Government implementing proposals from the document it presented to the Prime Minister titled ‘Ethical Business calls for Change – a manifesto for Good Governance’.

17th January 2020

“Ethical Business Calls for Change – a manifesto for Good Governance by the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry”, contains more than 60 concrete recommendations in favour of a culture of good governance.

17th January 2020

In the past days, the Malta Chamber has embarked on a series of company visits, aimed at reaching out to the operators in several fields.

12th January 2020

The Chamber looks forward to an early meeting with the Prime Minister this week, during which it plans to present Dr Abela with a document, which was endorsed by the Chamber Council, and proposes 65 concrete recommendations aimed at solving the country’s problems with Good Governance.

10th January 2020

President Perit David Xuereb said that over the past weeks, the Chamber compiled a report, that proposed 65 concrete recommendations aimed at solving the country’s problems with good governance.

10th January 2020

Addressing Malta Chamber members, Labour Party leadership hopeful Mr Chris Fearne said that his main aim was to see the country in a better position across the board as he believed that Malta had the potential to move forward, for the benefit of present and future generations.

3rd January 2020

A unique opportunity to meet and talk shop with Chris Fearne and Robert Abela

19th December 2019

The scope of this agreement is to bridge the gap between persons with disability, the business community and other stakeholders.

18th December 2019

The event gave a broad background about the disruptive technology, as it attempted to answer the pertinent questions that businesses would have about it.

14th December 2019

"The Chamber holds strongly that it was crime not business that led the country to its present predicament. The business community and its employees will however bear the huge cost of abusive behaviour of some in the years to come"

12th December 2019

Malta’s business bodies warn of dire economic consequences

6th December 2019

The session also covered discussions on particular customs procedures and chartering of yachts.

6th December 2019

'The future of Europe is our future, as entrepreneurs and European citizens who believe that Europe can still be a global economic and political leader.'

6th December 2019

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry hosted a delegation from Belarus to explore business opportunities with Malta and to sign a Memorandum of Understanding to promote trade and investment between both countries.

4th December 2019

"The Prime Minister can bring an end to this stalemate the country has crashed into. Within the context of current confusion and instability, history will remember him for it"

29th November 2019

This event was organised to provide businesses with information about the fiscal incentives introduced by the government in recent years, the Pension Framework and financial education for employees.

29th November 2019

On behalf of all well-spirited and ethical businesses in Malta, the Chamber called on the Prime Minister to do the right thing, and ensure that justice is delivered as soon as possible.

28th November 2019

Political rallies will only foment the current insecurity, which in turn will reflect negatively on the international stage.

25th November 2019

The event took place soon after the Malta Chamber held an exclusive preview of the Chamber’s Economic Vision 2020-2025 for members of the YCN earlier this month.

25th November 2019

Twelve companies that have distinguished themselves in their international endeavours were classified as finalists for the most inspiring stories.

22nd November 2019

'The Engineering Profession Act needs to be updated to address the challenges within the local and international market'.

15th November 2019

The Chamber is well in the advanced stages of designing a new Economic Vision for Malta for the years 2020-2025.

13th November 2019

Ms Liz Barbaro Sant noted the importance of closing the gender gap in entrepreneurship and creating a diverse workforce, from gender to culture, which could foster creativity and innovation when addressing the first Arab-European Businesswomen Forum.

12th November 2019

“Apprenticeship programmes are an effective tool to improve the skill-set of young people”