24th November 2020

Malta Chamber President participated in an event about Future Skills organised by HSBC Bank Malta

21st November 2020

The Church remains a strong player, in assisting to ensure that our moral standards remain high and ...

20th November 2020

Public Health Superintendence and Health Authorities, enjoy Malta Chamber’s complete trust

20th November 2020

"COVID may have actually grown the gender gap divide, as women may be expected to work from hom...

19th November 2020

The Malta Chamber President, in comments to The Malta Business Observer, conveyed feedback received ...

19th November 2020

Malta Chamber President calls on all employees to actively provide remote working solutions in order...

17th November 2020

“The arts, culture and entertainment, have an important place in our socio-economic landscape"

13th November 2020

Let’s maintain high protection levels in our own interest, and in the interest of our elderly and vu...

12th November 2020

“With just 50 days to the end of this transition period, it is now time to take necessary action to ...

12th November 2020

A new business section dedicated to the sector of Medical Cannabis was set up within The Malta Chamb...

12th November 2020

The Malta Chamber was instrumental in proposing The Business Re-Engineering & Transformation Sch...

9th November 2020

The Malta Chamber encourages local retail and technology companies to stay tuned with its forthcomin...

6th November 2020

The Chamber shall provide constructive and researched feedback, which will reflect the needs of the ...

6th November 2020

Perit David Xuereb, shares the Chamber’s views on the country’s ambitions for a zero-carbon economy

6th October 2020

Panel discussion focused on the challenges of redefining ones’ business model

5th November 2020

Business leaders discuss re-engineering in practice during Malta Chamber SME week event

5th November 2020

"This places us at an ideal position as the go-to-entity to do business with Japan"

4th November 2020

The Malta Chamber together with Malta Enterprise launch scheme to help businesses restructure their ...

2nd November 2020

The Family Business Committee shall seek to propose policy to support family businesses in Malta.

29th October 2020

Accountability and Sustainability, key drivers to industry credibility and quality

26th October 2020

67 days to the end of the BREXIT transition period: Local business representatives say a EU-UK deal ...

26th October 2020

Businesses are also encouraged to take their trade online, by extending the same offers to their dig...

23rd October 2020

The Malta Chamber and its role in providing leadership and support for businesses in Malta during su...

23rd October 2020

Good governance and serious investment are needed to prepare for Malta’s future

22nd October 2020

“Government is aware of the destination but not the journey that needs to be taken”

22nd October 2020

“We will continue to strive towards giving relevance to society and business and be the true and Vib...

20th October 2020

“It is vital to ensure that no child is left behind.”

19th October 2020

In the coming days the Malta Chamber shall be assessing the implications of the announced measures o...

17th October 2020

"The Malta Chamber recommended the issue of a second wave of vouchers which would remain focuse...

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