18th October 2019

Leading American author and life coach Steve Shallenberger led an inspirational and successful workshop to a packed hall at the Malta Chamber on Thursday.

23rd October 2019

The President of Malta was also in attendance for this event, during which the two musicians collaborated in performing various renditions of classical pieces in violin and piano, including music by Poitr Tchaikovski and Jean-Marie Leclair, amongst others. Gomena also performed a piano solo by Frederic Chopin.

23rd October 2019

“An ever-increasingly connected world, keeps providing incredible new opportunities, but also exposes our businesses to new threats”

24th October 2019

“The country needs to ensure that our operating costs and our overall investment conditions are better than those offered by other regions. Local and foreign investors alike no longer make decisions based on emotions but on pure facts and hard-data”

25th October 2019

“The more successful we are, the stronger and smarter our efforts must be to maintain and consolidate our winning position.”

29th October 2019

The organisations agreed to co-operate actively on matters of national economic policy of common interest to the business community and the architecture and civil engineering profession.

30th October 2019

Ms Marisa Xuereb underlined Malta Chamber’s commitment to contribute towards helping developing the necessary talent, investment, and ecosystem to allow the AI sector to flourish, from start-ups to bigger tech leaders.

6th November 2019

The memorandum of understanding provides a platform for cooperation in matters in which either party has expertise.

8th November 2019

Mr Farrugia was appointed to this position by the President of the Republic, in line with the Constitutional provisions, on advice of the Prime Minister, following a discussion and agreement with the Leader of the Opposition.

8th November 2019

'In the event of a downturn, EU member states should make use of the flexibility provided for in the Stability and Growth Pact to undertake appropriate counter-cyclical fiscal policy, including to support growth-enhancing investments and structural reforms.'

12th November 2019

“Apprenticeship programmes are an effective tool to improve the skill-set of young people”

13th November 2019

Ms Liz Barbaro Sant noted the importance of closing the gender gap in entrepreneurship and creating a diverse workforce, from gender to culture, which could foster creativity and innovation when addressing the first Arab-European Businesswomen Forum.

15th November 2019

The Chamber is well in the advanced stages of designing a new Economic Vision for Malta for the years 2020-2025.

18th October 2019

Ms Marisa Xuereb spoke of the need to invest in today's generation to meet the future Vocational Education and Training (VET) needs.

11th October 2019

The Malta Business Bureau (MBB) and the Malta CSR Institute, which is backed by the HSBC Malta Foundation, have hosted the first in a series of half-day food waste reduction training and awareness sessions designed specifically for enterprises and their employees.

4th October 2019

“The continuous extension of leave allowances, increased labour mobility, shortage of labour, increase in public sector employment, and increased rental and living costs in Malta amongst others, are having a negative impact on actual labour costs.”

2nd October 2019

Chamber President calls on politicians, regulators and practitioners alike to look at the bigger picture, and determine the policies that will define our environment, our road networks, our built areas and ultimately our quality of life.

2nd October

The meeting discussed how the Chamber intends to follow-up on the experiences gained from the upcoming participation at the CIIE, translating it into practical assistance, to its members.

30th September 2019

The organisations insisted that compulsory membership compromises the individual’s freedom by removing the right not to form part of any organisation.

30th September 2019

Chamber DG said that the Chamber had its reservations about the Opposition’s arguments about the issue of the ever increasing cost of labour.

23rd September 2019

The Tourism Business Section noted that this meant that consumer behaviour patterns were shifting quickly.

19th September 2019

Participants of the JAYE Malta Leaders for a Day programme shared their experiences of the day, shadowing Malta's foremost business leaders.

17th September 2019

STM Malta was chosen from 2,753 businesses named as ‘Ones to Watch’ in a list of business excellence published in July and selected as a National Winner by a panel of independent judges including business leaders, politicians and academics.

13th September 2019

The Chamber focused its attention on six main issues which it deemed to be of crucial importance and which warranted the government’s immediate attention.

10th September 2019

In its statement, the Chamber urged Government, to start the process afresh and take the proposed legislation back to the drawing board.

9th September 2019

In 2018, the core domestic banks saw an increase in assets, customer deposits as well as loans and advances to customers and it is evident these banks continued to be very much participant in the financing of the Maltese economy especially in terms of lending to residents.

5th September 2019

MBB holds information session on upcoming EU funds training programme

29th August 2019

Bookings open for 17th October workshop with best-selling American author.


29th August 2019

The fruitful discussion provided management with valuable insights on the operation of the Chamber from the individuals who run the show on a daily basis.

22nd August 2019

These occasions are significant as they are central to the social aspect of the Chamber, giving entrepreneurs the opportunity for networking in an enjoyable setting.