Chamber of Commerce welcomes relaxation of measures, calls for discipline

18th May 2020

The Malta Chamber President earlier today called on Government to cautiously consider enabling a responsible return to normality.

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry welcomes the further relaxation of measures allowing for the rekindling of the economy, as announced by the Prime Minister tonight.

The Malta Chamber President earlier today called on Government to cautiously consider enabling a responsible return to normality. The announcements of this evening are seen as a step in this direction, which will hopefully inject confidence in our society.

The Malta Chamber calls on all economic operators as well as members of the public to exercise maximum discipline and strictly observe the protocols as put in place by the country’s Health Authorities.

May this be another step forward, that will not require any backtracking in the future.

From Friday, 22nd May, restaurants will be allowed to reopen, with a maximum of six allowed at a table and a specified distance. Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne said further restrictions will also be announced, and that preferably restaurants with outdoor space should make use of this.

Bars will not be allowed to reopen, but snack bars and cafeterias are grouped with restaurants and will be allowed to re-open from Friday.

In addition, hairdressers, barber shops, beauticians and nail salons will be able to re-open – with restrictions to protect both employees and clients.

In the cultural sphere, open cinemas are allowed to reopen. In the area of sports, individual, non-contact sports will be allowed to continue from next Friday, such as diving, tennis and more.

The number of people allowed to meet in public has been increased from four to six, while also observing social distancing where possible. With regards exercise, outdoor classes can take place with a group of six.

27th May 2020

“In the same way that we were vociferous in warning the Government to safeguard the country’s reputation, we are actively providing our members with the necessary tools to ascertain the best levels of good governance in their organisations”


29th May 2020

Matters of mental health play a central role at the workplace, however with the current unprecedented COVID-19 they have taken a greater degree of importance


29th May 2020

With the transition phase for re-opening the economy in its initial stages, it is in the interest of entrepreneurs to know what business support they are entitled to and how they could benefit from such schemes.

17th May 2020

The Chamber is privileged to be recently invited to participate in a high-level Think Tank formed by Minister Bonnici responsible for both Education and Employment, to work alongside the teaching profession and other important stakeholders in these fields.