Chamber President discusses ‘new normal’ on Newsbook’s Post-COVID Webinar

28th May 2020

"We will need to be cautious in tackling the difficulties which the new normal may bring about, but we should also view them as an opportunity to create safer environments for our workplace, our homes, and the community in general.”

“I like to imagine what will be written in history books in the near future, where our kids will learn about 2020 and realise that the practices which will be considered normal at the time were all formed and created as a result of the pandemic,” said Malta Chamber President David Xuereb, as he addressed a webinar on ‘The Post-COVID World’ by Newsbook, this morning. The webinar addressed main issues and questions arising from Malta’s economic re-development.

Perit Xuereb noted the importance of upholding a positive outlook on the circumstances we are facing and said that “While making strong improvements, any changes will bring about challenges. We will need to be cautious in tackling these difficulties which the new normal may bring about, but we should also view them as an opportunity to create safer environments for our workplace, our homes, and the community in general.”

The Chamber President agreed with the Prime Minister’s remarks earlier during the webinar, when he had asserted how important it is for all stake holders to continue discussing and working together for the same aim. “Discussions should not come to an end any time soon. The Chamber believes that it is necessary that we continue to analyse whether the steps we are taking now are efficient for a long-term scenario, in order to adapt to new realities which could work efficiently even when the pandemic is over.”

Mr Xuereb reiterated the Chamber’s appeal to the business community, as well as to the public, that discipline is of utmost importance at the current stage. “The new reality is that the fear of the virus is slowly decreasing. This should not be due to less discipline, but because we understand the virus better. The more we understand it, the more we can keep on going with our lives and adapt to living with the virus. What we certainly cannot have is repetitions of what happened in Floriana a few days ago, as this was a clear example of a lack of discipline.”

Moreover, Mr Xuereb added that “The pandemic is an international problem, and every country has tried to adapt as best as it could. The Chamber is convinced that, as a country, we will continue to make good use of the safety measures in adapting to the new realities, especially in terms of teleworking and hygienic measures.”

“We are certain that these will be realities even after a vaccine has been produced, since everyone has realised the significance of respecting the environment around us for our own safety. This also gives us room for opportunities in determining how to observe resources as efficiently as possible,” he added.

Perit Xuereb made reference to the Chamber’s Post-COVID Think Tank Committee and stated that “The 140 stakeholders who are contributing to this committee all dream of the opportunities to create a business sector which reflects a safe and efficient workplace, and this is what the Think tank aims to establish. In this regard, we have asked every member of the business community, however large or small, to create a business plan for the future.”

“We believe this will help in achieving economic stability once again. One of our aims is that the competivity index would then reflect how resilient our country has been in taking the best out of the opportunities made available to us at the moment, in order to grow our economy. Such analysis should be done regularly and only in this way can the economy grow stronger, continue to flourish and score records.” Mr Xuereb concluded.

The webinar was also addressed by other prominent speakers, including Prime Minister Robert Abela, the Leader of the Opposition Adrian Delia, Finance Minister Edward Scicluna, Opposition Spokesman Mario de Marco and the Archbishop of Malta Charles Scicluna.

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