Chamber urges MEP hopefuls, political parties to contribute to a responsible, mature debate

22nd February 2019

Ahead of the upcoming MEP electoral process, the Chamber is calling for a campaign that brings out the best qualities of our candidates as opposed to one which is detrimental to our country and its reputation.

In a statement to the media, the Malta Chamber called for a responsible campaign, as the country gets ready to switch into election-mode, ahead of the upcoming MEP elections.

"The Chamber is calling for a campaign that brings out the best qualities of our candidates as opposed to one which is detrimental to our country and its reputation" the press release said.

The Chamber said that it looked forward to a responsible and mature debate that will ultimately result in the election of the candidates that will best represent Malta and help build a better Europe.

Reiterating the Chamber's President Frank V. Farrugia call in an opinion piece earlier this month, the Chamber reminded everyone involved, that in a globally-connected scenario, the world is watching.

"Anything we say or do is likely to be picked up and possibly used to hurt Malta’s reputation" the statement said. "Consequently, the Chamber looks forward to a campaign wherein prospective candidates are positive and constructive in their approach, respect the intelligence of the electorate and are proactive in their ideas about how they can make a difference in the European Parliament for their Maltese constituents"

The statement urged candidates and political actors alike to refrain from engaging in cheap exercises of mud-slinging especially if this is baseless and implicates innocent parties.

"Elections should be won on trust rather than mis-trust and the Maltese electorate must vote in favour of what they want rather than voting against what they don’t want. The Chamber, therefore, expects constructive, concrete and plausible ideas for the electorate to consider, judge and vote for"

The Chamber also warned that Malta must not go down the route of populism, which is one of the main sources of the problems currently facing the European Union and the 28 countries within it. As a strong promoter of the European project and of EU membership for Malta prior to accession, the Chamber is concerned about rises in populism and how this is causing rapid and profound change in Europe.

In conclusion, the Malta Chamber called on all involved to remain vigilant against extreme and populist notions.

"No country is immune to it as is evident from the repercussions of political irresponsibility affecting a number of our European partners" the statement said.

25th February 2019

The Chamber firmly believes that due to the irreversible nature of construction, it would be detrimental to the country to flood the market with new residential property that may remain vacant when the economic cycle eventually turns.

14th February 2019

Chamber provides feedback and a series of proposals to Government as part of the consultation related to the White paper on Rent and Housing.

5th February 2019

The Malta Chamber hosted the third Malta-Tunisia Business Forum in 14 months.

31st January 2019

Chamber calls for more clarity about the case.