Chamber welcomes the launch of the Considerate Contractors Scheme

24th May 2019

The Malta Chamber applauded the launch of the Considerate Construction Scheme aimed at raising professional standards in the building industry.

The Malta Chamber applauded the launch of the Considerate Construction Scheme aimed at raising professional standards in the building industry.

This scheme has been promoted with the Authorities by the Chamber itself. In fact, the scheme falls squarely in line with the Chamber’s Economic Vision document calling for the delivery of a high-quality economy where mediocrity and sub-standards are replaced by a culture of excellence and where the current ‘good enough’ attitude is replaced by “nothing but the best”.

In this regard, the Chamber looks forward to the improvement of the image of the Maltese Construction industry. It is considered neither ethical, nor professional to proceed on the basis of what has been witnessed in this very active building economy in Malta over the last years.

This industry had and still has a huge impact on everyone’s personal life and industry in general. While less than acceptable standards should be shamed, top quality standards as experienced in developed parts of the world should be the Industry's objective.

The Chamber now expects that this Scheme will encourage the uplifting of the quality of the Industry to these high standards. It expects that the Scheme will be run by an Independent Body that audits the industry in an objective and coherent manner. Assigned monitors will be able to educate and audit Best Practices and Initiatives.

The expected code of ethics for the scheme should be enshrined through a Code of Considerate Practice which accounts for (i) Care for the appearance, (ii) Respect the community, (iii) Protection of the environment, (iv) Security of everyone’s safety and (v) Value of the workforce. The Chamber sincerely hopes that the new Scheme will significantly reduce abuse and equally increase respect while monitoring practices on an Advisory level.

Commenting shortly after his participation at the launch of the Scheme, the Chamber President, Perit David Xuereb said that “The Chamber was delighted to advocate the introduction of a benchmark for Quality in Construction for the past 2 years. It has since supported all stakeholders to prepare a move towards successful best-practices in the world and it is with pride and satisfaction that we witnessed and participated in the launch of the intention to set up such a scheme for Malta together with both Ministers and other stakeholders. The Chamber now looks forward to supporting the Scheme as long as it delivers on its prescribed principals in the interest of the credibility of the Maltese Construction Industry which must regain the respect it has lost with the public over the past years and months”.

31st May 2019

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24th May 2019

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15th May 2019

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