"Change can either be resisted or turned into a business opportunity"

31st May 2018

Event provides businesses with insights and tools on e-commerce

“Change can either be resisted or turned into a business opportunity,” said Mr Christian Peregin from Lovin Malta as he was addressing ‘E-Commerce in Practice – Taking Your Business to the Next Level’ on 30th May.

The event, which was organised by the Marketing Committee within the Malta Chamber, aimed at helping businesses learn more about the available help to set-up an e-commerce venture as well as get inspired by businesses who have been innovative in their use of digital media.


Mr Christian Peregin explained how in an ever-changing environment, especially in the realm of news and information, Lovin Malta’s overnight success was down to correctly reading the audience’s appetite for quality and diversity of content, while capitalising on new commercial opportunities that arose.


Mr Matthew Bezzina, who also provided an inspirational account of his experience as founder of eCabs said that the use of technology gave his business the required edge, to establish itself as the country’s largest player in the sector. Understanding the market and assuring efficiency in the running of the cab service was key for the business to grow.

Welcoming guests to the well-attended event, President Frank V. Farrugia said that the Chamber took pride in providing its members with the necessary tools to help them venture into new projects, as well as hand-hold new and budding businesses.


Mr Farrugia noted that the event was providing members with access to assistance available from government and relevant authorities for businesses to set-up their e-commerce ventures.

Marketing Committee chairperson Mr Louis Olivieri said that the marketing needs of businesses were changing, as they reflected the changing needs of today’s society. E-commerce was in fact a natural progression of a society that was increasingly moving its activities online.


The event also featured presentations on available funds and tools for businesses to set-up their online e-commerce operations.

Mr Aldo Formosa from the Measures and Support Division within the Ministry for European Affairs and Equality explained the parameters of the e-Commerce Grant Scheme which is supported through the European Regional Development Fund. The e-Commerce Grant Scheme is aimed at encouraging and supporting enterprises to increase their competitiveness by adopting e-commerce through online sales in their daily operations.


Ms Denise Borda spoke about the Malta Communications Authority’s work to oversee as well as support the development of eCommerce in Malta. She gave an outline of the different initiatives that the Authority is currently offering with the aim to assist businesses and individuals take their business online.


An informative question and answer session concluded the event.

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"Change can either be resisted or turned into a business opportunity"