Changes to Third Country Nationals Health Screening Procedure for Renewal Applications

Identity Malta and the Health Authorities are working together to simplify the health screening procedure required to protect public health. In the interim period, until the new system is in place, Identity Malta Agency will be accepting single permit renewal applications of third-country nationals who cannot present the public health screening approval issued by the Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Unit (IDCU) on time. Such arrangements also applies to third-country nationals whose single permit expired before they obtained the necessary public health screening.

 Therefore, applicants may, for the time being, submit their single permit renewal application prior to IDCU’s approval. However, they would still need to submit the rest of the documents, as found in the link below:

Checklist for Third Country Nationals applying for a Single-Work Permit and IDCU’s acknowledgment.

Nonetheless, following the submission of application, the relevant approval issued by IDCU must still be presented to Identity Malta Agency in order for the application to be processed.

The health screening of third-country nationals is carried out by the Infectious Disease Prevention & Control Unit and not Identity Malta Agency, thus the latter has no control on any unforeseen delays in this regard.

The said changes will come into immediate effect and will be applicable till Thursday 31st October 2019.

This temporary change in health procedure does not apply to new applicants.

Furthermore, Identity Malta Agency accepts renewal applications 90 days before the residence card’s expiry date.

Applicants are advised not to make any travel arrangements before their residency permit is issued.

For further queries, do not hesitate to contact Identity Malta's Customer Care team on (+356) 2590 4800 or via email on

Changes to Third Country Nationals Health Screening Procedure for Renewal Applications