Child prodigy from Belgium on track to finish bachelor’s degree at age nine 

15th November 2019 

He plans to embark on a PhD programme in electrical engineering while also studying for a degree in medicine.

A child prodigy from Belgium is on track to complete a bachelor’s degree at the young age of nine. Laurent Simons is reading for a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TUE), viewed as a difficult degree for students of a graduate age.

CNN reports on staff at TUE who describe Laurent as “simply extraordinary”. It also reports that the prodigy has plans to begin a PhD programme in electrical engineering while also studying for a degree in medicine.

Lydia and Alexander Simons, the child’s parents, say it was his grandparents who first noticed that Laurent was gifted. At first, they thought this was an exaggeration but his performance at school and remarks passed by teachers soon proved them wrong.

CNN reports that Laurent was given several tests by teachers who hoped to gauge the extent of his talents. His mother playfully told the media house that her theory behind the source of her son’s abilities is that she ate a lot of fish while pregnant.

Laurent comes from a family of doctors, however it remains unclear as to why he is able to absorb information at the rate he does.


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