Chinese Tech Giant Huawei Promises Not To Spy On Its Customers

Vanessa Conneely - 15th May 2019

Statement comes as trade war with the US continues to escalate.

The Chairman of Huawei says the Chinese tech company is willing to sign a no spy agreement with governments around the world.  

The declaration comes following concerns from some countries that the telecoms firm would use its products as a form of surveillance.

But Chairman Liang Hua says customers are not at risk of espionage or sabotage. Speaking through an interpreter at a press conference in London he said: "We are willing to sign no-spy agreements with governments, including the UK government, to commit ourselves to making our equipment meet the no-spy, no-backdoors standard.”

The UK seems open to doing business with the Chinese company with a recent report suggesting that it may allow Huawei’s telecoms equipment to be part of the country’s 5G networks with some limitations.

But others are not and don’t believe Huawei operates independently from the Chinese government and have blocked it from their 5G networks on national security grounds. Australia and New Zealand have both halted the use of Huawei gear in their 5G mobile networks.

But the real problem for Huawei is with the United States. Federal agencies have already restricted staff from using Huawei products and President Donald Trump is expected to sign an executive order this week barring US companies from using telecoms equipment made by firms that pose a national security risk.

If it goes ahead, it comes at a time when US-China tensions are already on the rise.

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