Christmas season has arrived with John Lewis & Partners festive ad

14th November 2019 

This year, John Lewis has partnered up with Waitrose – a move likely to have saved money at a time when retail profits are under sustained pressure.

John Lewis has released its annual Christmas advert, this year featuring an excitable baby dragon called Edgar who struggles to fit in due to his flames burning decorations and other beloved features of the town.

The department chain’s festive campaign, reportedly costing around £7m a year, racks up millions of views on social media with many looking forward to the annual Christmas advert.

This year’s ad, which has been produced in collaboration with Waitrose & Partners, pulls at the heartstrings as viewers glimpse a young red-headed girl called Ava and Edgar the dragon who cannot stop himself from releasing fire, melting a snowman and burning down a Christmas tree.

Following last year’s ad featuring Elton John, the department store has returned to a safer formula. It was filmed on a village set in Hungary and concludes on a positive note as Ava finds a solution to Edgar’s problems, leading him to use his fiery breath to light the Christmas pudding for the village feast.

14th November 2019

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