Computime Group Brings Industry Closer To Education With MCAST

5th February 2019

This seminar gave students the opportunity to familiarise themselves with both the academic and the industrial perspective in practice, in their fields of study.

Computime Group has recently collaborated with MCAST on a co-lecturing seminar for first-year students pursuing the BA Business Enterprise Degree within the Institute of Business Management and Commerce (IBMC).

This seminar was held on the initiative of course lecturer Thomas J. Dimech as part of a series of co-lectures that bring the industry closer to education, in order for students to familiarise themselves with both the academic and the industrial perspective in practice, in their fields of study. 

This second co-lecture in the series focused on managing teams and behaviour at the place of work and included an introduction on the topic by MCAST Deputy Principal Anthony Saliba. The lecture was developed and delivered by Mr Dimech and Sandra Azzopardi, Human Resource Manager at Computime Group.

Study areas included managing teams for high performance, multipurpose teams, stages of development of teams and team building. David Kennelly, Director IBMC, addressed the students and concluded by highlighting the importance of remaining close to industry and underlining the relevance of Vocational Education. He emphasised sharing industry experience with IBMC students is the way to prepare students for the place of work.

The students had the opportunity to understand the relevance of these subjects within Computime which has been established for over forty years operating in Business Systems Engineering, and to learn how these are developed in practice within the Information technology sector.

During the lecture one could note the focus of attentive students learning from the industry perspective in practice. Computime Group is proud to collaborate with MCAST enhancing their educational experience, contributing towards the development of education, students and the future workforce,” said Ms Azzopardi. Mr Dimech restated his ongoing commitment to bring to IBMC professional Mangers to show how theory becomes relevant within industry.

7th February 2019

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