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Concrete legislative action required without delay

10th January 2022

All Parliamentarians must work together to see the required legislative changes through

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry is pleased to note that the Opposition has taken the initiative and put forward concrete legislative proposals to address the shortcomings identified by the public inquiry into the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Parliament is the legislative arm of the country, and it is indeed the job of our parliamentarians, from both sides of the house, to legislate and make legislative proposals.

The Chamber is also aware of the Government’s statement, that it has consulted broadly with local stakeholders and international experts with the aim of setting up a committee of experts on the legislative changes required.

In the interest of the nation The Malta Chamber hopes that Government and Opposition will work in tandem to see the required legislative changes through without delay.

In this spirit The Malta Chamber looks forward to the unveiling of the next steps in the coming days, as reported.

In its Good Governance Manifesto, that was published in January 2020, The Malta Chamber made a number of recommendations on addressing corruption and the strengthening free press.

The Malta Chamber will continue to push for improvement in better standards in these areas, as well as in others, such as management of public procurement, public sector employment, conflict of interest in public roles, lobbying, political party financing, and the resourcing of Parliament.

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Concrete legislative action required without delay