Construction Begins On Shopping Mall and Apartments Near Smart City

Vanessa Conneely - 17th May 2019

First phase of development set to be completed by October.

Site excavation has begun on the Shoreline Residence’s multi-purpose project at Ricasoli, near SmartCity in Malta. When finished, the development will include 370 luxury apartments as well as a 25,000 square metre shopping mall and underground parking.

Those behind The Shoreline Project say they want to offer residents “affordable luxury in a secure, car-free and clean environment close to all that matters, as well as the added value of exciting investment and retail options so lacking in the South.”

Sales and Marketing Manager Andrew Gatt added: “Our vision is to create a great place to establish roots, raise a family, and appreciate the great views – in one phrase: to enjoy the superb location close to all that matters. When one considers all tangible and intangible aspects of these properties, one realises that The Shoreline is truly offering affordable luxury in a safe, car-free and unpolluted environment.”

The site excavation is expected to be finished by October. This phase is divided into two parts: preparatory work for excavations to be followed by direct digging for construction purposes. The earmarked site will be excavated down to five levels to accommodate one double-height retail area, and three levels of garage spaces for over 1,000 cars.

It be carried out by Maltese company Polidano Group with En-Sure acting as environmental site monitors. “We recognize the importance of environmental responsibility, which includes on-going environmental monitoring according to a comprehensive suite of parameters that comprise air quality, noise and vibration, among others. The good news is that some 90% of the 230,000 cubic meters of rock to be excavated will be used again as recycled material,” said Ben Muscat, Chairman of The Shoreline Residence Ltd.

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