Malta Council for Economic and Social Development (MCESD)

The Malta Chamber representatives on this Council are President Mr Anton Borg, Deputy President Mr Frank V. Farrugia, council member and Chairman of the Manufacturing Economic Group Mr Norman Aquilina and Director General Mr Kevin J. Borg.

The Council discusses a number of topics including fuel prices, competitiveness, transport, research and innovation, EU regional policy, pensions strategy, maternity leave trust fund, the American University of Malta project, the CEDEFOP study on apprenticeships and amendments to the Employment and Industrial Relations Act.

The Malta Chamber also raised two main items on the MCESD agenda namely competitiveness and research and innovation. During the meeting about competitiveness, the Chamber repeated its concerns related to manufacturing industry – i.e. higher operating costs, lower productivity and the imminent termination of the regional aid regime for large undertakings. The issue related to abuse in free movement of goods was also highlighted. The Chamber maintained that both matters were causing business sentiment to decline with negative repercussions on investment and employment opportunities in the country.

Malta-EU Steering Action Committee (MEUSAC)

Mr Christopher Vassallo Cesareo and Mr Mario Spiteri represent the Malta Chamber on the MEUSAC, with Mr Andre Fenech acting as their substitute. During these meetings a number of issues were discussed including the National Reform Programme, amendments to the electrical waste (WEEE) regulations, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), climate change, Brexit and migration, the Greek Economic Crisis and Malta’s EU presidency in 2017.