Consultation Session on Recruitment of Third Country Nationals

A growing number of Malta Chamber members have, over the last months, been raising the issue of the difficulties they are facing when sourcing human resources at every level. The situation has been brought about because of the near full employment and acute shortages in certain specific skills.

These members highlight the implications this situation brings with it such as a higher than normal turnover of existing staff as well as problems with filling vacancies. Efforts to recruit locally fail to achieve results with these companies having to try and recruit from other European member States and, increasingly, from non-EEA countries.

The process to recruit third country nationals is seen by these employers as being difficult and time consuming both for the worker and for the prospective employer who has to dedicate substantial resources to identify, carry out an initial evaluation usually followed by an interview on the island before one is in a position to start considering the requirements of the employment licence.

In consideration of the above, the Malta Chamber is organising a Consultation Session to be addressed by the main regulators involved in the licensing process, primarily the Employment Services Division at Jobsplus, Identity Malta and the Police department. The objective of this session would be to ensure that clear information on the process is communicated to the Chamber members who will also be able to raise any issues and difficulties they face when undertaking such recruitment.

This session will be held at the Chamber’s premises on the 19th September at 1400 hrs, and will also be addressed by the Hon PS Julia Farrugia in the Office of the Prime Minister, who is responsible the Central Visa Unit and Work permits.

Consultation Session on Recruitment of Third Country Nationals