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Consumer goods prices in Malta below the EU average 

19th June 2020

A Eurostat survey ranked the total price levels for goods and services in 2019 across member states.

The latest Eurostat survey on consumer price levels across members states in 2019 revealed that the total price level for goods and services for Malta last year across all categories stood at 87 per cent, below the EU average.

The average is calculated from the categories of food and non-alcoholic beverages, alcoholic beverages and tobacco, clothing, personal transport equipment, consumer electronics, and restaurants and hotels.

In the consumer electronics category, Malta ranked second for the highest prices, after France.

Across member states, price levels for consumer goods varied widely – the highest were recorded in Denmark (141 per cent of the EU average), followed by Ireland (134 per cent), Luxembourg (131 per cent), Finland (127 per cent) and Sweden (121 per cent).

At the opposite end of the scale, the lowest price levels were found in Bulgaria (53 per cent) and Romania (55 per cent).

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