16th March 2021

Parents in the private sector unable to work from home will receive €800 gross monthly

15th March 2021

Owners now have until 31st March to apply

10th March 2021

60% of recent COVID infections found to be related to new variant

9th March 2021

Worst impacted to be helped until end 2021

4th March 2021

A limit on the number of households that can mix indoors has also been introduced

2nd March 2021

'This is a welcome development'

18th February 2021

Talks are currently being held with stakeholders

4th February 2021

Early vaccine arrival moves forward original vaccination schedule

29th January 2021

Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo said accommodation licensees are liable to a €3,000 fine should the...

27th January 2021

MTA inspections are expected during Carnival weekend to ensure gatherings at accommodations are in l...

19th January 2021

Parliamentary Secretary Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi said COVID-19 vaccination certificates should be use...

5th January 2021

Business aid to be based on loss of turnover rather than NACE category

16th November 2020

Preliminary data for a COVID-19 vaccine by Moderna was found to be 95% effective, following last wee...

3rd November 2020

Vienna has been left reeling after a gunman opened fire at multiple locations across the central are...

Claim appears in White House press release promoting scientific and technological highlights of the ...

30th September 2020

The new tests give results in as little as 15 to 30 minutes

Plans for an initial purchase of 80 million doses

Over 9,000 bedrooms and 24,000 available

31st July 2020

The Malta Chamber has always called for clear guidelines for businesses to follow, to ensure public ...

27th July 2020

The Malta Chamber is in active contact with players in the events and entertainment industries with ...

6th July 2020

By providing your insights about your business, we will be able to better design economic models whi...

2nd July 2020

The Executive Committee called this meeting to discuss the several issues that arose during the pand...

8th June 2020

The Malta Chamber of Commerce looks forward to tonight’s announcement of an extraordinary Budget to ...

8th June 2020

Just two days after the announcement of Government's special COVID Budget on Monday, QUESTION TI...

3rd June 2020

‘Mental well being is known to increase productivity in the workplace’

1st June 2020

The Malta Chamber however cannot but note the lack of detail in the Prime Minister’s press conferenc...

28th May 2020

"We will need to be cautious in tackling the difficulties which the new normal may bring about,...

28th May 2020

“The Malta Chamber is well aware that these unprecedented times necessitate a multi-faceted effort t...

26th May 2020

'We must be the catalysts that take the country to a new equilibrium,' said Deputy President...