COVID-19: Government gives round-up amounts disbursed for business aid schemes

Helena Grech - 17th April 2020

Almost 17,000 businesses applied for the Government wage supplement. 

In a round-up of the work being carried out by Malta Enterprise and the Government with regard to receiving COVID-19 scheme applications and administering funds, it was announced that 17,000 businesses have applied for the COVID-19 wage supplement.

Economy Minister Silvio Schembri and Malta Enterprise CEO Kurt Farrugia were addressing the online press conference. Mr Schembri stressed that the money being administered to businesses to help them stay afloat and retain workers is the people’s money, and therefore the Government must be responsible to ensure funds are being spent legitimately.

In total, close to 17,000 applications were received by the authorities, with the absolute majority of which coming from self-employed individuals at 12,161 applications. A little over 4,000 applications came from companies, 442 from partnership structures and 341 from others.

Around 95 per cent of applications came from Maltese businesses while five per cent came from Gozo.

The 17,000 applications represent around 76,976 workers who will potentially be benefitting from the Annex A full wage benefit and the Annex B partial wage benefit.

Minister Schembri stressed that companies can still apply.


For the full wage supplement, covering €800 monthly for full time employees and €500 monthly for part-time employees, a total of 14,539 applications were submitted covering 51,494 full time employees and 9,558 part time employees.

A total of 4,324 applications have been approved, covering 7,071 full time workers and 1,223 part-time workers. Of the applicants who have received a reply from Malta Enterprise, a total of 2,963 have accepted the decision of their eligibility covering some 5,000 employees. So far, €4,945,865 has been disbursed in relation to this scheme.

With regards to the partial wage supplement, covering €120 for full-time employees in Malta covering one working day per week and €320 for full-time employees in Gozo covering two working days per week, a total of 2,431 applications were received.

This covers 12,213 full time workers and 1,711 in part time workers. A total of 861 applications have been approved with 440 accepting the outcome. In total, €325,380.30 has been disbursed for Annex B supplements.

A total of 298 applications for the telework scheme, with 77 approved, 214 pending and funding for 64 applications disbursed, amounting to €81, 124.

For the €350 quarantine leave payment for each employee needing to spend two weeks in isolation, 1,298 applications have been received, with 491 approved and 807 pending. So far, €49,350 has been disbursed covering 490 employees.

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COVID-19: Government gives round-up amounts disbursed for business aid schemes