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'We go beyond sanitisation by offering protection': keeping workers safe in the midst of a pandemic

21st January 2021

A world leading brand in advanced residual antimicrobial tech, Zoono requires one application every 30 days

With sanitisation and cleansing costs ballooning across organisations around the world, the situation is no different for local businesses attempting to keep their workforce and operations safe from COVID and other seasonal viruses.

Enter Zoono: a world leading brand in advanced residual antimicrobial technology that uses a water-based solution applied to surfaces, and which requires one application every 30 days to offer protection. caught up with a representative for Zoono Malta, who maintained that because of its long-lasting protection, the product is highly competitive as other products on the sanitization and hygiene market require application every few hours to have the same effect.

“This can be applied via servicing, or we can train companies to do the spraying themselves.”

So, how does Zoono work?

Once dry, a microscopic layer of ‘spikes’ are left behind. These spikes attract, pierce and rupture the cell walls of organisms that come into contact with the surface. Unlike normal disinfectants, which last for up to two hours, Zoono’s Microbe Shield is able to continue working for up to 30-days, “giving massive labour savings to keep areas free from harmful bacteria, viruses, mould and yeasts”.

Zoono’s technology is able to attach itself to all surfaces including fabric, wood, glass, plastic, metals, and so on, providing an added layer of protection to even the most overlooked touch points mentioned above.

On top of this, routine cleaning can continue and does not disrupt the Zoono molecule or its antimicrobial activity, giving an overall additional layer of protection, Zoono Malta’s spokesperson stressed.

“For the first time, Zoono gives us a long-standing solution that offers prevention rather than just sanitisation at the time of application.”

The leading product is also available as a hand sanitiser, “providing protection that lasts longer than traditional hand sanitisers due to the layer that is formed over the skin, providing a 24-hour protection that can only be removed by exfoliation”.

This means that one single application can be equated to 10+ applications of alcohol and other liquid-based sanitisers.

“For companies, we suggest having a 500ml or dispenser bottle for employee use, this would save on both costs as well as reparation costs for all the damage done with alcohol and other chemical-based sanitisers.”

Asked about what company servicing for use of this product may look like, the spokesperson explained that Zoono begins by taking a swab test at the premises to establish the baseline level of hygiene, as well as provides advice and expertise on the most efficient cleaning practices and techniques.

Next, it offers a free sample, during which the originally swabbed surface is sprayed with Zoono’s advanced antimicrobial protectant – the Z-71, using an electrostatic sprayer.

This will be followed by another swab test a couple of days after the initial meeting in order to present the long-lasting effects of the product.

“Prior to application, we require establishments to be given a deep clean, this way the product will attach itself directly to each surface.

“When we sanitise the premises, we focus on touchpoints and frequently touched areas. Once the premises have been sanitised you will receive a certificate as well as a sticker to display at the entrance.”

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