Design for Europe: A Service Design Approach

As the EU continues to face new global economic realities, the role of design and innovation has become increasingly predominant in ensuring that the Member State economies remain competitive.

Last year, the MBB was appointed by the Design Council to become a local Ambassador for the Design for Europe project and has since begun a Design awareness campaign in Malta, bringing some of Europe‘s top design experts to the island. Its involvement in this project has facilitated in bringing foreign best practices to the local scene whilst extending the network‘s voice to local businesses.

On the 14th and 15th September, the MBB, together with the Valletta Design Cluster hosted a second Design for Europe Delegation visit to Malta – this time together with the participation of Business and Cultural Development Centre (KEPA). For a second time, the visit also welcomed Design for Europe Project Lead, Programme Director Danish Design Centre Christina Melander, Service Design expert Joep Paemen.

The MBB invited the participant companies that had attended the Service Design workshops on the 13th and 14th June to a follow-up event held on the 14th September. Using the feedback gathered, a fruitful brainstorming session on the type of support businesses wish to have in Malta, was conducted.

Ensuing the follow up workshop organised on the 14th September, the MBB also organised a second workshop on the 15th September. In its capacity as Design for Europe Ambassador in Malta, the key outcomes of MBBs Service Design initiatives as over the past 12 months were presented to a group of local stakeholders so as to take further the Design for Europe insights and discuss methods of collaboration and future actions in order to support design policy and support programmes in Malta.
Led by the MBB, the high level Design Policy workshop comprised of Senior Officials from the Valletta Design Cluster, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Finance, the Malta Tourism, the Arts Council Malta and Malta Enterprise.

During the workshop, the stakeholders identified the current and desired capabilities in Malta, whilst also prioritizing existing gaps in order to begin building the blocks for co-creation. In facilitating effective dialogue between the different actors the MBB, together with the stake-holders has mapped current, national design systems and has identified local strengths and weaknesses for design. Based on this diagnostic, the workshops enabled participants to develop a design policy vision and actions that correspond to the gaps in the design system.

Following this workshop, the MBB will continue to pursue these tangible assessments and practical policy proposals as a first step to addressing them. One can find the full article on the MBB website:

Design for Europe: A Service Design Approach