Workload increases and so does energy efficiency

DHL shares energy efficiency strategy with industry peers

At a business breakfast held at The Malta Chamber in Valletta, DHL Country Manager Charles Schiavone shared DHL Express Malta’s energy efficiency experience with business and stakeholder representatives. The event was organised by the MBB as part of the Investing in Energy Project, to share proven successful energy efficiency strategies with relevant businesses.

Mr Schiavone explained that DHL Express Malta, has just completed an audit on its 2016 energy performance and has managed to increase its energy efficiency by 5% over 2015, despite a 16% increase in workload.

Joe Tanti, MBB CEO said “DHL Express Malta adopted an entire strategy focused on maintaining energy efficiency while also identifying and tackling areas for improvement. Their strategic approach is worth emulating, and their altruism in sharing information is appreciated.”

DHL Express Malta identified a rate of 13% failed first delivery attempts for its residential customers. It then developed and trialled a system of drop-off boxes to improve customer service as well as reduce subsequent delivery trips. A trial in 3 localities proved successful, and plans are underway to increase this to 9 localities. The trial resulted in 9 tons of CO2 emissions reduced, the expansion is expected to increase this significantly.

Commenting on these results, MBB Investing in Energy Project Manager Geoffrey Saliba said “Many consider energy efficiency to focus purely on upgrades to equipment. Today’s case study achieved success by identifying the least efficient operations, and tackling them through product and process development. Energy efficiency is more than equipment upgrades – it is also business planning.”

The Investing in Energy Project is run by the Malta Business Bureau in partnership with The Energy and Water Agency and The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, with co-financing from the Regulator for Energy and Water Services and the Ministry for the Economy, Investment and Small Business.

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DHL shares energy efficiency strategy with industry peers