Don't Waste Waste - Good Business Practices

Call for Submissions

The Don’t Waste Waste campaign is an educational and awareness raising campaign on waste management run by the Ministry for the Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change in collaboration with Wasteserv and supported by the Environment and Resources Authority. The aim is to raise awareness about the importance of waste management both at business and citizen level, in order to drive a cultural shift in people's behaviour, in accordance with the waste hierarchy as a guiding principle, whereby waste is considered a resource.
Some businesses already implement good waste management practices and circular initiatives, which lead to efficient use of resources. The Don’t Waste Waste team is willing to promote and showcase such initiatives as examples of good practice, and by way of this expression of interest, is asking businesses within your networks to submit descriptions of actions taken which led to better waste management within their organisation. The aim of sharing these good practices is to keep the general public informed about sustainable and green initiatives that are being undertaken by the business community and furthermore, to encourage other business in adopting similar sustainable and green innovative practices.
Businesses whose good practices will be selected for dissemination would be benefitting from free advertising/promotion on some of the following Don’t Waste Waste Campaign Media:
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  • Print Matter: Campaign backdrops and roll-up stand prints for showcasing in Don’t Waste Waste Campaign events;
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Submission of good practices and green initiatives:
Submitted initiatives should include good waste management and Circular Economy practices, including innovative ideas which are already incorporated in the day-to-day running operations of the business. Examples include:
Reuse concepts at offices, manufacturing processes, retail outlets etc; Sustainable material sourcing: Replacement of single-use and disposable items with alternative sustainable materials or secondary raw materials;
Repair, upgrade and constant maintenance to prevent waste generation;
Upcycling and refurbishment through the upgrade of old furniture or items that have become waste and;
Material recycling or waste separation among others. 

Format of submission:
Submitted good-practices must not be longer than one page and should include the name of the business, contact details, a short paragraph which describes the initiative, and high-resolution images of the initiative/process that can be used to upload/use on the showcasing media mentioned above. Kindly do not include the image in the document, but send it as a separate attachment. Short video content can also be submitted.  

Deadline: Submissions should be sent to: by not later than Monday 09th April 2018.  

The Ministry for the Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change reserves the right not to publish all of the received submissions. The Don’t Waste Waste team will decide which initiatives will be published based on inter alia the guidelines in the ‘submission of good practices and green initiatives’ section above. The Ministry for the Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change and the Don’t Waste Waste team will not be liable for any repercussions/negative feedback/comments on social media following publication of the submitted green initiatives. Participation by businesses is free of charge and voluntary. Participating businesses will not receive any financial compensation or disbursement for any costs which may have been incurred in participating or in setting up the good practice or green initiative.

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