Donald Trump shares image of enormous Trump Tower on Greenland

20th August 2019

The US president promised not to ‘do this’ a day after confirming interest in buying the country.

US President Donald Trump has shared an image on Twitter of an enormous Trump Tower superimposed on a coastal Greenland town, promising “not to do this”.

This came a day after he confirmed US media reports that the government was considering buying Greenland, an autonomous Danish territory. He acknowledged the deal is not a top priority for his Cabinet, adding that it is essentially a large “real estate deal”.

trump tower

Image shared on Twitter by President Trump

“Strategically it’s interesting and we’d be interested but we’ll talk to them a little bit,” Trump told reporters on Sunday.

Greenland’s Foreign Minister, Ane Lone Bagger, reportedly said the country is open for business but is not for sale.

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said “Greenland is not for sale. Greenland is no Danish. Greenland belongs to Greenland. I strongly hope that this is not meant seriously”.

President Trump’s son Eric also shared the same photo of a Trump Tower in Greenland, saying “I don’t know about you guys, but I love the concept of buying Greenland”.


20th August 2019

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