E-scooter regulations: driver’s licence and insurance among TM proposals

2nd September 2019

A maximum speed of 10km/h has been proposed on promenades and pedestrian zones, with the limit raised to 20km/h for roads.

E-scooter drivers will l need a valid driving licence as well as an insurance policy to make use their vehicles on roads and pedestrian zones, according to the proposed regulations announced by Transport Malta on Monday.

Transport Minister Ian Borg addressed a press conference where commented that government strived to find the right balance between encouraging the use of e-scooters and regulating their use so that they may be enjoyed safely.

The regulations have been announced ahead of a 20-day public consultation period. More residents have been attempting to circumvent Malta’s notorious traffic through the use of e-scooters, while companies have been offering an e-scooter renting service.

According to the proposed regulations, e-scooters are not permitted on arterial roads and pre-defined distributor roads, with a penalty of €200 should be caught on such roads.

In addition, driving e-scooters under tunnels or underpasses will not be permitted, with the penalty increasing to €500 for those caught.

Onto where e-scooters will be permitted, the regulations state that they can be used on all urban streets and cycle lanes. In cases where e-scooters will be used on roads, drivers are expected to observe all traffic regulations, including the observation of traffic signs.

Driving against the flow or traffic will only be permitted where there are signs specifically saying so.

A maximum speed of 10km/h has been proposed on promenades and pedestrian zones, with the limit raised to 20km/h for roads. A fine as well as license penalty points will be imposed on those caught over-speeding.

In terms of safety, e-scooter drivers need to wear a high-visibility vest when driving at night. Helmets have not been made mandatory however authorities encourage its use.

All e-scooters must be registered and licensed with Transport Malta, whether individually owned or used as part of a sharing service.

A one-time registration fee is set at €11.65 while an annual license of €25 per year in the form of a road license will be charged to e-scooter owners.

2nd September 2019

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