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Education is a national priority and schools should be the last to close

7th January 2021

Medical evidence should be guiding our decisions

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry is following with interest the developments related to the reopening of schools after the Christmas recess. The Chamber had stated in August and September that it was crucial for schools to remain open during this scholastic year. The experience of the first term has proved that schools are well equipped to implement social distancing, and the educational experience was a success.

The Malta Chamber acknowledges the Public Health Authorities statements in saying that there is no scientific-based evidence which shows that schools should remain closed or be shifted to obligatory virtual schooling. This will wreak havoc not only for schools and teachers themselves but more importantly, it will have long-lasting impacts on the students due to a lack of interaction with their peers and the continued pressure on working parents to stay at home leaving some economic sectors without their essential human resources at a time when the economy can least afford more interruptions.

The Chamber, therefore, calls on teachers and all state, church and independent schools to keep on adhering to the strict health protocols introduced at the beginning of this scholastic year and allow the Health Authorities to give guidance in accordance with medical evidence.

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Education is a national priority and schools should be the last to close