Edwards Lowell marries eclecticism with contemporary design at the newly opened Concept Store

20th January 2020

While visiting The Concept Store, it becomes overwhelmingly clear that the experience is as much about savoring the space as it is about discovering the carefully curated products within.

At a recent visit to Edwards Lowell’s latest project, The Concept Store, one is blown away by its uniqueness – both in the products on offer as well as the impeccable attention to detail in the store’s design.

Managing Director at Edwards Lowell, Malcolm Lowell, explains that an evolution of the company’s multi-brand stores has culminated with the family’s vision for a store that provides visitors with a unique experience.

“The goal is and was to offer something different. When someone comes in and walks into the shop, we would like to surprise people with eclectic items, which perhaps they would not know where to get or cannot easily find,” he says.

Malcolm Lowell

Malcolm Lowell, Managing Director of Edwards Lowell 

“We try to choose items that are relatable, and if a customer finds that they do not form a connection with the products, they will certainly identify a friend, colleague or lover perhaps, who would certainly relate. We want to provide another option for people to share beautiful gifts or to spoil themselves with a beautiful and curious item,” he adds.

Perfectly placed within the heart of Malta’s unofficial luxury retail centre, Portomaso, The Concept Store boasts original Andy Warhol prints – setting you back a few thousand Euros – as well as a broad range of Taschen books covering the more niche corners of contemporary popular culture.

In addition, a Ruinart Champagne bar greets customers with a striking and beautiful design. The metamorphic marble bar is striking to the eye for its bold veins surrounded by rich wooden furnishings.

The Concept Store showcases a diverse range of items, from Hublot and Tudor watches, jewelry, accessories such as JT Dupont pens, cigar cutters and lighters, as well as handbags.

ruinart champagne the concept store

Mr Lowell explains that the company has focused on the customer experience, “the experience of walking in the store, and being introduced to a product perhaps they were not looking for. Being able to find something that rings, touches, or reminds you of someone – with varying price ranges – is what it is all about for us”.

“Our specially selected items from our store combine both vintage and modern, emerging brands together with established names. We have limited editions and rare pieces mixed with affordable gifts. The essence of The Concept Store fuses contemporary design with timeless elegance, a playground for those who seek out impeccable taste and style.”

Edwards Lowell has already ventured into the world of art, having exhibited works by photographer Kurt Arrigo in its Valletta Green Room – which Mr Lowell remarks was a smash success.

the concept store

He opens up about the family’s love for art, having collected pieces throughout the years as a form of investment and family heirloom. Asked about the choice of having Andy Warhol original prints, invitations and posters designed by the artist – Mr Lowell says that apart from a genuine appreciation for his work, he is an artist that is also appreciated across the world.

“We decided to start off with entry level Andy Warhol objects, like signed postcards up to original silk screen prints from the 60s and 70s. They can range from around €2,500 to €50,000. The idea behind featuring the artist, and him alone, is because it is its own brand essentially, like the Rolex of the contemporary art world.”

the concept store

The range of Taschen books on offer would lead a customer to easily spend half a day inside the store. The photographic books are extremely diverse in subject matter, from fashion and sneakers, to architecture, film, music and design – often books you would find online or in large city stores.

the concept store

Asked about the choice of books, Mr Lowell is frank in saying that ultimately – he and his family love the books chosen and would want them on their own coffee tables. Mr Lowell is a firm believer in loving what he sells, as this is a more genuine process.

“The book section of the store has done tremendously well so far. Perhaps this is because people would not know where to find them locally. We have a very wide range, from €15 to €5,000 limited edition items which gain value in the long run.

“Some of the books which we already have now sold out internationally and are only available instore. Once they completely sell out, they will appreciate in value,” he explains.

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Edwards Lowell marries eclecticism with contemporary design at the newly opened Concept Store