Elderly residents at SVDP, St Joseph House to benefit from courses organised by University

18th September 2019 

Malta would be the first country to embark on University of the Fourth Age

Elderly persons residing at St Vincent de Paul and St Joseph House in Fgura will benefit from the option of attending courses organised by the University of Malta, from within their retirement homes.

TVM reports that Malta will become the first country to embark on University of the Fourth Age, referring to higher learning to elderly persons residing at retirement homes. A previous movement, University of the third age, refers to learning of elderly and retired persons in general.

The initiative was launched after an agreement was made between the University of Malta and the Parliamentary Secretariat for active ageing.

Professor Marvin Formosa remarked that this is a continuation of University of the third age which was launched back in 1993. This initiative saw five learning centres spread across Malta for the benefit of elderly persons.

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