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Empowering our young generation for a brighter future

11th December 2020

“We must ensure that our human capital is well equipped and knowledgeable enough to address the new operational developments at the place of work”

“The Covid pandemic was a blessing in disguise as it allowed us, to pause and reflect on the true priorities that we may have disregarded in the past, on both a personal and business level,” said The Malta Chamber President Perit David Xuereb this week. He was addressing HR Gig 5, an event on the subject of human resources organised by StreetHR, last week.

Perit Xuereb noted how the pandemic allowed us to truly realise the importance of values such as trust and compassion, in order to promote mental health and physical wellbeing at the workplace. The Chamber President continued by saying that “acknowledging such values can drive us towards a different but better future.”

“As a Chamber of Commerce, we have always believed in having a vibrant and innovative education system, that is the main prerequisite of a sustainable economy,” said Xuereb, as he mentioned the ever-increasing gap between the skills taught in educational facilities and the skills required on the job.

“Only by bridging this gap can we ensure that our human capital is well equipped and knowledgeable enough to address new operational developments and needs at the place of work,” said Perit Xuereb.

Framing his comments within the Economic Vision ‘A Smart Sustainable Island’, which The Malta Chamber published earlier this year, The Chamber President noted how “Covid-19 helped us fine-tune this vision and offered us the opportunity to reflect on the lessons learnt.”

Xuereb said that aiming towards such ambitious objectives will only be fruitful if the right resources are empowered by targeting younger generations and their ability to appreciate such a vision for the future. He also underlined the importance of focusing on their mentors who helped pave the way and who have a vast array of experience to share.

“We therefore simply cannot undermine the importance of the creative talent and respect towards educators at all levels of education and their incredibly vital role in, not only teaching but also inspiring students to achieve more. This can only be achieved with a curriculum which reflects the current realities” said Perit Xuereb.

“Understanding the changes going around us is simply not enough. We must challenge the status quo to drive the education preparedness our future generations deserves. Investing in diverse, creative, flexible, problem solving and talented human capital with varying skill sets will definitely support sustainable economic growth motivated by the ambition of a more digitalised and green economy,” concluded The Chamber President.

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Empowering our young generation for a brighter future